Thursday (28/05/2015, Ionian Parliament)

[11:30-20:00] Conference Day: Motion / Theory in Artistic Creation

[11:30-12:00] Panos Vlagkopoulos: Symbolic Reference in Graphic Scores.
[12:00-12:30] Iannis Zannos: Text and Motion: (Im-)migration and Cyberspace with Open Source Tools.
[13:00-13:30] Panagiota Koutsoukou: Pseudo-perspective and Symbolism in the Representation of Motion in the Agiography of Epirus during the Ottoman Era.
[13:30-14:00] Aspasia Kouzoupi: Narrative Cartographers in Homeric Odyssey.

[14:00-16:15] Lunch

[16:15-16:45] Gina Giotaki: Aspects of the Moving Body: Applications of Technology in Dance Education and Choreography.
[16:45-17:15] Maria Papanikolaou: The Notion of Escape in the Work of Maria Papanikolaou.

[17:15-17:30] Break

[17:30-18:00] Georgia Kalodiki: Sound Projection of the Phenomenon of Afterimage.
[18:00-18:30] Tania Tsiridou: Motion in Wind and its Relation to Art, Science and Mythology.
[19:00-20:00] Open Discussion (Panel): the Role of Theory in Artistic Creation.
Panel: Panos Vlagkopoulos, Elena Chamalidi, Iannis Zannos.

  • Building of the Departments of History and Archives, Library Science and Museology
  • Former Asylum
  • Ionian Parliament
  • Municipal Theatre of Corfu
  • Politechno