2016 - poster
Poster - Design N. Gregoriou
10th Audiovisual Arts Festival
May 17-22, 2016, Corfu
The 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, organized by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts and the Department of Music Studies, was succesfully completed on Sunday 22nd of May 2016.

The Festival programme included a wide range of art exhibitions, educational and artistic activities with guests, artists and scholars from all over the world. Participation in all activities was massive, surpassing any initial expectation.

The Festival was completed with the three-day scientific conference on "TABOO - TRANSGRESSION - TRANSCENDENCE in Art & Science", with distinguished keynote speakers such as Stelarc, Roy Ascott and Manos Danezis. This Conference is planed to be the start point of a series of future annual events under the above theme.

For the success of this year's event, academics, professors, more than 70 volunteers and administrative and technical staff of the Ionian University worked intensively for many months. At the same time, Festival was actively supported by many local authorities and sponsors of Corfu.

We would like to thank them all, promising that this year's festival will be the basis for all future events.

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  • Ionian Academy
  • Former Asylum
  • Politechno
  • Municipal Theatre of Corfu
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu
  • Building of the Departments of History and Archives, Library Science and Museology
  • Ionian Parliament
  • Art Cafe, Garden of the People
  • Department of Music Studies