5th Audiovisual Arts Festival
May 26 - 29, 2011, Corfu

For the last fifteen years, the Audiovisual Arts Festival (AVfest) is held by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, in collaboration with the ERHMEE Lab - Department of Music Studies, of the Ionian University, in Corfu, Greece. Each year the Audiovisual Arts Festival features a series of artistic and scientific activities, presenting the results of the creative, educational and research work developed by its organizing institution in the fields of contemporary sonic and visual arts.

The Festival’s influence has gradually expanded aiming to provide an ideal meeting point for artists and researchers through media art events, workshops and academic conferences.

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The 5th Audiovisual Arts Festival has just arrived to its end! During the Festival, numerous events were held in the city of Corfu, including installations, animation works and video art projections, iconography of sound as well as exhibitions of students’ artworks, live audiovisual works and lectures. The audience visiting the Festival venues had the chance to attend presentations of works created by the students of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts and the Department of Music Studies. The seminars taking place have also been an important part of the Festival’s program, while the 1-day Symposium that took place on the theme of 3D Animation has been a major event. Last but not least, we would like to thank you all for your presence in the Festival’s events, hoping to renew our meeting for next year’s Audiovisual Arts Festival.

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  • Ionian Academy
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu
  • Former Asylum
  • Department of Music Studies
  • Politechno


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