Interactive Student Prospectus
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Interactive Student Prospectus is available on this page. Each chapter consists of subchapters leading the user to relevant content pages within the Department's website.

The Interactive Student Prospectus table of contents consists of links to relevant information content of the Department's website and is therefore subject to constant change, according to the information updating of each link.

This is a Beta version of the Interactive Student Prospectus and the content is under construction.

Contents of the Interactive Student Prospectus.

Part 1: Information regarding the Department

  1. Name and Address Contact
  2. Academic Calendar Events Calendar
  3. Academic Principles Governance
  4. General description of the Institution (including type and legal form) Ionian University
  5. List of courses offered Curriculum
  6. General admission requirements Grades Requirements
  7. General provisions regarding recognition of prior learning qualifications (formal, non-formal and informal ) Transfers - Placement
  8. General registration requirements Grades Requirements
  9. ECTS credit allocation based on student workload required to achieve the expected learning outcome. Implementation Regulations
  10. Arrangements for academic guidance Mentors

Part 2: Information on study programs

  1. Diploma awarded Aim
  2. Degree qualification level Aim
  3. Special admission requirements Transfers- Placement
  4. Special provisions regarding recognition of prior learning qualifications (formal, non-formal and informal) Student Issues
  5. Conditions of diploma awarding and Regulations Indicative Curriculum Implementation Regulations
  6. Curriculum profile Indicative Curriculum
  7. Key learning outcome Undergraduate studies
  8. Educational and professional profile of graduates with examples Career
  9. Access to further studies Transfers- Placement Postgraduate Studies
  10. Diagrammatic structure/outline of courses with credits (30 per semester, 60 per academic year)Indicative Curriculum
  11. Examination regulations,evaluation and grading Regulations
  12. Graduation requirements Implementation Regulations
  13. Types of studies (full time, part-time, e-learning etc) E-services
  14. Director of study curriculum or equivalent Mentors
  15. Undergraduate Studies-first cycle Undergraduate Studies
  16. Graduate studies- second cycle Postgraduate Studies
  17. Doctoral Studies-third cycle Postgraduate Studies
Part 3: Description of individual courses
  1. Course Title Theory [THE]
  2. Course Code Theory [THE]
  3. Course Type (mandatory, elective, etc) Descriptions of Courses
  4. Course Level (first, second or third cycle, sub-level if applicable) Descriptions of Courses
  5. Year of studies (if applicable) Indicative Curriculum
  6. Semester/Trimester when the class is offered Indicative Curriculum
  7. Number of ECTS credits Indicative Curriculum
  8. Name of Lecturer Descriptions of Courses
  9. Learning outcomes of the course Descriptions of Courses
  10. Teaching methods (lecturing, discance learning etc.) Descriptions of Courses
  11. Indicative Curriculum 2014-2015 Indicative Curriculum 2014-2015
  12. Educational Curriculum recommended optional components Implementation Regulations
  13. Course content Description of Courses
  14. Recommended reading Didactic Books
  15. Designed learning activities and teaching methods Activities Info
  16. Evaluation methods and criteria Regulations
  17. Language of Instruction Description of Courses
  18. Internships/Practice Practice
Part 4: General Information for Students
  1. Living costs Student Care
  2. Housing Student Care
  3. Feeding Student Care
  4. Medical services Student Care
  5. Services for Students with special needs Student Care
  6. Insurance/Health care Students Care
  7. Financial support for students Students Care
  8. Office of Student Affairs Liaison office
  9. Study and reading rooms – libraries Library
  10. International Programs Collaborations – ERASMUS
  11. Practical information for mobile students Liaison office
  12. Language courses Description of Courses
  13. Internships/Practice Practice
  14. Sports and leisure activities facilities Student Activities
  15. Student Associations Student Association