Student Care

Housing, Feeding
Each academic year the Ionian University provides housing and feeding to a certain number of students, according to the prerequisites determined by the Institution and its annual budget.

Students are housed in the University Hall of Residence in Corfu, as well as in certain hotels associated by contract with the University. Applications for free housing must be submitted during June except from newcomer students that must apply the day they register with the university. 

All students and members of the teaching staff can enjoy standard meals for a symbolic price at the university refectory. Applications for free meals are usually submitted in October, except from newcomers, who must apply at registration. 

Student Care:

Address: Second lane of Eleftherios Venizelos str., 49100 Corfu

tel: +30 26610-87637+30 26610-87637, +30 26610-82119+30 26610-82119 Fax: +30 26610-48274

Medical, medicinal and hospital care is provided to students who do not have any other insurance for the period of their studies, which should not exceed seven years on the whole.

Student Medical Care
The Student Health Booklet must be renewed by the School Secretariat at the beginning of each year.
Should you need medical care, you can visit the Corfu Hospital.

Further information: Access to medical care requires a validated student health booklet. The annual validation is made at the opening of the academic year in the Office of the Secretary of the department. Medical care is provided at Corfu General Hospital. In case medical care is provided by private healthcare services you can apply for the compensation but according to the regulations of the public sector the student is entitled to received only a fraction of the amount paid. In these cases the student has to provide to the accounting services of the university (72, Ioannou Theotoki str., tel.: 26610 87609 - 26610 87646) the following: the receipt, the doctor”s healthcare mandate certified at the Department of Insurance Care for the Public Services (YPAD located in 154 Nikiforo Theotoki str.), the students contact number.

Counseling and psychological support during the years of studies are the subjects of the Professional Liaison Office of the Ionian University.

Public Transport
Each eligible student is given a special Card for Reduced Fares (Pass) for Public Transport Modes.

Loans – Scholarships
Student loans are granted in compliance with the Presidential Decree 360/83.
Student scholarships are granted based on academic performance by the State Scholarships Foundation.