Transfers - Placement

The Department accepts students who have graduated from other departments of Greek universities or equivalent institutions abroad.

I) Transfers
There are no student transfers between the Department of Audio& Visual Arts and other Greek universities, as there is no equivalent department in Greece.

II) Placement
Admission of graduates who wish to obtain a second degree follows Law 3404/2005, article 15, paragraph 5, and it is according to this that exact number of places available is announced every year, during the winter semester, together with the exams syllabus and bibliography. Examinations take place at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, located at 7, Tsirigoti Square, Corfu.

Aim of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts is the selection of candidates who possess artistic capabilities supported by a theoretical basis, who indicate the strongest capacity to evolve during their studies in the field of Audiovisual Arts, as described by the charter act of the department. Successful candidates enroll during the 1st semester, after being examined and obtained passing grades in three of the following subjects:

1. History of Art (Theory)
2. Drawing / Painting
3. Photography (Theory)
4. Music
5. Video or Multimedia Application or Animation

International students should apply for the recognition of their degree at the Hellenic NARIC