Concert Tuesday 17/05

Date & Time: /2016 19:00-21:30
Location: Ionian Academy

Concert works by students, graduates and teaching staff from the Faculty of Music and Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University.

1st Part

Title: Path
Composer: Dimitris Geliniotis

The title refers to the sonic exploration of the natural environment by a virtual human observer, as this has emerged through a personal exploration, describing the interaction with its natural constituents (such as the ground, water and air) and their transformation, where natural sounds together with transformed material, create the virtual soundscape.

Title: Ghost Traveler
Composer: Sophia Papanikolaou

Title:Spaced Jimmy
Composer: Semina Borodimou

An electroacoustic composition with recorded electric guitar sounds with analog tape delay (Space Echo), along with various soundscapes and recorded material of Jim Morrison's poetry.

Title:Cliche Morph
Composer: Chatzopoulos Vasilis

Title:Pnoe (2016)
Composer: Evaggelos Bezevegkis

“and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”
Gen. 2. 7

The piece is based on human voice and coastal environment recordings.

Title:Poe m
Composer: Vasso Papageorgiou

Title:Piece on a linen cloth
Composer: Elina Kalampokini

2nd Part

Title:Virtual Drowining
Composer: Anna Vassileiadi

Title:Polyphonic Homophonie
Composer: Giorgos Kokoras

Title: Genous Thilikou
Composer: Elena Georgiadou

Medea, in need of revenge, kills her kids, her narcissist extensions. In "Genos thilikou" the female body constitutes a powerful communication tool and also a weapon, so by destroying it, the main character destroys parts of herself, which she can't accept. [Panagiotis Tsagkaroulis: music]
[Basia Bouhagiar: choreography]

3rd Part

Title:Live electroacoustic performance for Violin, Saxophone and electronics
Composer: Alexandros Aggelakis​

Title:Live electroacoustic perfοrmance for Voice and Laptop Computer
Composer: Theodore Lotis​

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