Date & Time: 17-21/05/2016 18:00-21:30
Location: Goussis Building, Former Asylum


Curated by: Thomas Valianatos and  Bill Psarras

Μεταβάλλον (2016), Evangelos Bezevengkis & David Santogidis, Mixed Media Installation, Sound, Light, Soil
Metavallon defines a transitional environment. It is the place where memories meet and being entangled, defining thus the present and outlining the transition. The installation, which brings forward issues of ephemerality and site-specificity, consists of soil extracted from two different places, as a tangible and material sample of memory, which is united following the trace of process – the lived experience and action of the two artists.

(e)motion in time (2016), Tzekou Katerina & Vasia Tontorova, Video installation, sound
The installation consists of video projections of multiple videos and timelapses filmed in the city in order to spatialize experience and show the relation between time and space, which eventually are merged in one image. The work explores issues of ephemerality and immersion.

Bystander? / Περαστικός; (2016), Afroditi Chatzaki, Isidoros Minovgioudis, Semina Mporodimou, Mixed Μedia Installation, Video, Sound, Performance
The installation deals with notion of passivity/apathy and focuses on the reaction of the individual/viewer when faced with violence in public (bystander effect). It tries to question the way we act and react to incidents of violence around us. The work explores the common ground of installation art and performance through the performative entanglement of bodies and technologies.

Goldfish (2016), Natalia Kokkinou, Mixed media installation, sound sculpture, wood, aluminium, plastic
The theme of this video-sculpture constitutes an aesthetic critique of consumerism. The main figure represents the hyper-consumerism of people while the object of the trapped fish symbolizes the consumer, who is controlled by the market.

Haptic Vision (2016), Delivou Elena ,Mylonas Xristos, Tsilimigaki Amalia, Mixed Media Installation, Performance, Video, Sound
Touch is not just a physical relationship, it is also an emotional bond between ourself and the outer world. Touch is communication, it is a corporeal situation rather than a cognitive positioning. It evolves parallel to the human mind. The work explores issues of a sensory communication between the work and the viewer through a creative blending of performative, video and sonic elements.

Le boîte (2016), Aristopoulou Danai, Gkrintzou Vasiliki, Mixed Media Installation, Video, Sound, Thread, Cardboard boxes
The work “Le boîte” forms a mixed media installation of composite projection and audio. The elements of threads and cardboard boxes create a sensorial vocabulary within the space of installation in relation to audiovisual media – by blocking the viewer to move across the room, but at the same time attracting him go on. The work explores issues of intermediality, performativity and site-specificity.

Pulses (2016), Margarita Pappa, Ioanna Setta, Evangelos Kalogiantsidis, Interactive mixed media installation, sound, bicycle
The project deals with the concept of the empathy of a citizen (the listener) to his fellow citizen (the cyclist) - It reflects the multiple perspective of an active citizen and the effort or apathy of the other citizens to understand his experience (emotion, state of mind, frame of reference). The installation explores issues of immersion, interaction and performativity.

What’ s in the bag? (2016), John Panagiotou & Nikos Kanelakis, Mixed media: sound installation, bags, light
“What’s in the bag?” is a site-specific sound installation, which uses the element of corridor, constructed by white plastic bags. The current installation acquires a performative quality and explores issues of immersion, interaction, repetition and claustrophobia.

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