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Sound In Motion symposium is organized by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts and ERHMEE (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory) of the Ionian University in collaboration with EASTN (European Art Science Technology Network). It constitutes part of the 9th Festival of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University and includes concerts of electroacoustic music, audiovisual events and presentations. It will take place in Corfu from May 26 to May 30, 2015.

Symposium Organization
- Department of Audio and Visual Arts
- Department of Music Studies
- Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Laboratory of the Ionian University
- European Art Science Technology Network

- Organization team

*Programme Coordination: Iannis Zannos, Andreas Mniestris, Apostolos Loufopoulos
Developing & Designing of Website, Graphics & Social Media: Christine G. Papadopoulou
Technical Coordinator: Philippos Theocharidis
*Volunteers - Technical team: D.Geliniotis, A.Deligiannis, K.Kalemos, M.Lagousis, C.G.Papadopoulou, P.Tsagkaroulis, Th.Chasapopoulos.

Tuesday (26/05)
[17:30] Sound Diffusion Workshop: Philippos Theocharidis, Andreas Mniestris, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Ionian Parliament

Wednesday (27/05)
[19:30] Electroacoustic Music Concert 1: works by students of the Ionian University (Department of Audio & Visual Arts / Music Department), Ionian Parliament
[21:00] Electroacoustic Music Concert 2: works by students of the Ionian University (Department of Audio & Visual Arts / Music Department), Ionian Parliament
Works by: D. Aggelakis, C. Chrysafi, A. Douzas, D. Ellinas, G. Gargalas, , E. Kalampokini, K. Kalemos, M. Lagousis, G. Mizithras, G. Papapanagiotou, G. Stavridis, G. Stenos, A. Vejnovic, P. Tsagkaroulis.

Thursday (28/05)

[11:30-20:00] Conference Day: Motion / Theory in Artistic Creation, Ionian Parliament

[11:30-12:00] Panos Vlagkopoulos: Symbolic Reference in Graphic Scores.
[12:00-12:30] Iannis Zannos: Text and Motion: (Im-)migration and Cyberspace with Open Source Tools.
[13:00-13:30] Panagiota Koutsoukou: Pseudo-perspective and Symbolism in the Representation of Motion in the Agiography of Epirus during the Ottoman Era.
[13:30-14:00] Aspasia Kouzoupi: Narrative Cartographers in Homeric Odyssey.

[14:00-16:15] Lunch

[16:15-16:45] Gina Giotaki: Aspects of the Moving Body: Applications of Technology in Dance Education and Choreography.
[16:45-17:15] Maria Papanikolaou: The Notion of Escape in the Work of Maria Papanikolaou.

[17:15-17:30] Break

[17:30-18:00] Georgia Kalodiki: Sound Projection of the Phenomenon of Afterimage.
[18:00-18:30] Tania Tsiridou: Motion in Wind and its Relation to Art, Science and Mythology.
[19:00-20:00] Open Discussion (Panel): the Role of Theory in Artistic Creation.
Panel: Panos Vlagkopoulos, Elena Chamalidi, Iannis Zannos.

[20:00-20:30] Sound Installation: Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos: Quantum Music #001

Friday (29/05)
[11:00-14:00] Presentations and Lectures (Ionian Parliament)
[11:00-12:00] Anastasia Pistofidou, Coordinator, FabLab of the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia: Digital Fabrication and Art Projects at IAAC/FabLab Barcelona
[12:00-13:00]Marcelo Queiroz: Assistant Professor, Computer Music Group of the Informatics Department, Institute of Mathematic and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo: Computer Music and Sonology at the University of São Paulo
[13:00-13:30] Discussion
[13:30-14:00] Eleni Kassapi: To Translate the Words or to Translate the Music?

[19:30] Electroacoustic Music Concert, Ionian Parliament:
Georgia Kalodiki - Chaos
Hassina Sakhri - Themis` Lament
Stavros Sakellariou - In Motion

[20:30] Electroacoustic Music Concert, Ionian Parliament:
Volkmar Klien - Zum Großen Ganzen -

Das Weiten, zum Großen hin 05:19
Ankündigung / Himmelszelt 03:39
Salzwand 03:23
Antiphon 03:49
Bestimmung 02:55
Erscheinung / Niederkunft 01:56
Das Große, unmittelbar 11:17

Saturday (30/05)
[20:00] Electroacoustic Music Concert: Iannis Zannos, Philippos Theocharidis, Andreas Mniestris, Apostolos Loufopoulos, Myrto Korkokiou, Ionian Parliament
Andreas Mniestris - Free coherences: Jungle
Philippos Theocharidis - LAN Game
Iannis Zannos - Rogovos (For SuperCollider and multichannel channel sound projection)
Apostolos Loufopoulos - Icarus
Apostolos Loufopoulos & Myrto Korkokiou - 59 Winds
Andreas Mniestris - MlikeL (flute: Myrto Korkokiou)

[21:30] Sound Art, Electroacoustic music, live electronics and live improvisations: Pavlos Vakalos, Iannis Zannos, Ivana Zuskinovα, Polytechno
• Epavlis Pavlakis: Fourfairytales
• Iannis Zannos - Ivana Zuskinová: Tolix Hopscotch
• Live Electronics Session

[22:00] Thomas Vallianatos, Dimitris Mylonas - AudioVisual Installation: Quantum Vacuum - Apocalyptic fragments of the Whole. 3D Mapping Projection based on Atlas Experiment in CERN, entrance to New Fortress - tunnel.

  • Building of the Departments of History and Archives, Library Science and Museology
  • Former Asylum
  • Ionian Parliament
  • Municipal Theatre of Corfu
  • Politechno