Title: Vouvoula Skoura
Date & Time: 09/05/2019 18:00
Location: Politechno

VOUVOULA SKOURA: Visual artist- Film director

Vouvoula SKOURA was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Graphic Arts at the Athens Technology Institute [A.T.I.]. She lived in London, 1967-74. She attended courses in Art History [1970] and a graduate course in computer graphics for video at Middlesex Polytechnic [1988] For many years, she has been involved with experimental multimedia photographic techniques.

Her works in film and video have been presented at international festivals and universities in over fifty cities including Athens, Beirut, Berlin, Bilbao, Brussels, Cetinje (Montenegro), Chania, Cracow, Delphi, Ghent, Frankfurt, Kassel, Leeds, London, Naples, Patras, Pristina (Kosovo), Sao Paulo, Sofia, Strasbourg, Tampere, Thessaloniki and others.
Vouvoula SKOURA has collaborated with official institutions asHellenic Ministry of Culture*, with MEGARON – The Athens Concert Hall, the Municipal Regional Theatre of Thessaly, the Municipal Regional Theatre of Patras, and other cultural organizations.
Her films Inner Migration (1984) and Skoria Fotos (1989) were both commended at the Drama Short Film Festival, Greece. Her video Black Moon took First Prize in the Athens Video Art Competition, 1998. ETEL ADNAN: Words in exile (2008) won the Greek Film Centre Award at the 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.
The Greek Graphic Designers Association awarded her its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

ETEL ADNAN. Words in Exile
Video, 2007. Greek Film Centre. 2007

SECRET POEMS For refugees everywhere
Video / FemLink-Art / Curator: Véronique Sapin/ Premiere: Mamia Bretesche Gallery. Paris

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Video / FemLink-Art / Curator: Véronique Sapin / Gallery Sitka, USA

THE RED BANK. James Joyce: His Greek Notebooks.
Video, 29 min. Greek Film Centre, 2013

THE RED BANK. James Joyce: His Greek Notebooks, 2013.
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ionio.gr avarts.ionio.gr erimee
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