Title: Musrara University
Date & Time: 10/05/2019 - 12/05/2019
Location: Νew Fortress

Alumni Exhibition of Musrara, the Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society, Jerusalem
Opening: Friday, May 10, 20:30
Curation Yiannis Zannos

The Festival of Audiovisual Arts engages this year in an exchange with the Naggar Multidisciplinary Academy of Art and Society, through a mutual hosting of art works and performances. The Naggar Academy is a School including departments of New Music, New Media Arts and Photography, and supports social discourse in the Arts. The Festival of Audiovisual Arts is hosting 2 faculty and 4 former students from the Naggar Academy. The invited artists will present 3 installations: The Installation "Gate" by Gidon Levy and Amir Meir converts light intensity into control signals for electronic music using sensors. The Installation "Shaky Covenant" by Niv Gafni is a metaphorical social commentary in the form of a kinetic installation. Finally, the installation "Inner Vortex" by Amos Peled is an interacive game based on the navigation in six virtual spaces, each equipped with its own rule system for interconnecting graphics and space navigation to sound. Furthermore, Mr. Ilan Green, director of the Department of New Music of the Academy will teach a workshop on the art of circuit bending as genre of electronic music performance. Finally, Mr. Dan Weinstein, teaching faculty in the Department of New Music will perform contemporary compositions and improvisations in collaboration with members of the Department of Audiovisual Arts. The installations will be shown in the New Fortress of Corfu Town and the workshop and performance will be realized in Polytechno. The Naggar Academy will in turn host one faculty member and two students from the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University in its own festival at the end of May 2019.

Name of Artists and Works
1. Gidon Levy and Amir Meir: Gate
2. Niv Gafni: Shaky Covenant
3. Amos Peled: Inner Vortex
4. Ilan Green: Workshop on Circuit Bending
5. Dan Weinstein: Composition and Improvisations
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ionio.gr avarts.ionio.gr erimee
  • Ionian Academy
  • Palaies Alevrapothikes
  • Politechno
  • Municipal Theatre of Corfu
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu
  • Art Cafe, Garden of the People
  • Museum of Asian Art
  • New Fortress
  • Archaeological Museum of Corfu
  • Plakada
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts
  • Jewish Quarter
  • National Bank
  • Porta Reale