Title: Anna Vasof
Date & Time: 10/05/2019 - 12/05/2019 12:00-18:00
Location: Νew Fortress

Invited artist Anna Vasof, University of Applied Arts of Vienna
Opening: Friday, May 10, 20:30
Curation Angelos Floros

Anna Vasof’s series of works «Αffairs» deals with everyday things familiar to everyone: brooms, wipers, harmonicas etc., yet used in a way that is far removed from their ordinary designation. She constructs absurd and impractical situations from them so that familiar objects change their original functional purpose. In that way she is adding the element of the unexpected to everyday objects that dispatch us from everyday reality and allowing us to see the world in a new perspective.

Anna Vasof is an architect and media artist. Born in 1985, she studied architecture at the University of Thessaly (2010) in Greece and Transmedia Art (2014) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 2004 her videos and short movies have been presented in several festivals, some of them winning distinctions. She’s currently writing a Ph.D. thesis about an animation technique that she develops and at the same time working on designing and building innovative mechanisms for producing critical and narrative videos, actions and installations.
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ionio.gr avarts.ionio.gr erimee
  • Ionian Academy
  • Palaies Alevrapothikes
  • Politechno
  • Municipal Theatre of Corfu
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu
  • Art Cafe, Garden of the People
  • Museum of Asian Art
  • New Fortress
  • Archaeological Museum of Corfu
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