The Light of a Sunless World: An art exhibition of Iro Feidia

Posted: 26-05-2024 15:18 | Views: 1863

Students and graduates of the Ionian University present a tribute exhibition in memory of Iro Feidia, AVARTS graduate. The aim is to display her illustrative and digital artwork, but also to portray her as an individual, fellow student and friend. Despite her time being short, the plurality and diversity of her work is remarkable. Her need to create and tell stories was definitive throughout her entire artistic career. Through her characteristic and distinctly recognizable style, the intense textures and the deliberate use of contrasting colors, Iro focused on the narrative dimension of art. The exhibition consists of artworks of a variety of materials, artistic means, techniques and styles, incorporating interactive, immersive media open to the audience, mimicking Iro’s exploratory process, with the addition of a photographic tribute to her and her life.

CONTRIBUTORS: Georgia Zabelaki, AVARTS graduate Anastasia Kalantzi, AVARTS Evina Kiosse, AVARTS Despoina Sofia Kyrgiafini, AVARTS graduate Christina Konstantina Lagou, AVARTS Dionisis Liveris Avras, AVARTS graduate Konstantina Malliarou, AVARTS Athanasios Bouras, AVARTS Vasilia Dreou, AVARTS Sevi Pavlaki, AVARTS Georgia Tzovana, AVARTS Penelopi Tolia, AVARTS graduate Polyxeni Foutsitsi Kiovreki, DFLTI 

Duration: May 27th - June 2nd
Opening: May 27th, 18:00, at "OBIA" Studio, Solomou Dionisiou 54, Corfu Oldtown.
Opening hours: 10:00 - 21:00. Free entry.

Facebook event:

Iro Feidia was born in Grevena in 1998. She graduated from the AVARTS Department of the Ionian University in 2022 and continued her academic studies in 2D and 3D graphics.

She was mainly a digital media artist but, being of a resourceful and curious spirit, she experimented and created with a wide variety of materials. She loved fantasy worlds, pirates and medieval aesthetics, something reflected in the crafts, creatures and worlds she created.

During her short but rich career, she participated in various festivals and art conventions throughout Greece. Lastly, she worked as a Background and Asset Artist for the animation production company ADDART. Her creativity and imagination is reflected both in her artistic and her private life, enchanting anyone who knew her.


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