Concert Saturday 21/05

Date & Time: /2016 21:30-23:00
Location: Politechno

Title: Untitled_TeVeT (30')
Composer: Federico Dal Pozzo


"Untitled_TeVeT - Live Performance” is an Acousmatic Concert generated from the freezing sound of the 380kg ice cube development, and it consists of a space-time continuously evolving score based on the interpolation of granular synthesis and extreme resonances. The score is real-time performed not to lose the performative and physical nature of the sound.
“Untitled_TeVeT” is made up of 1 continuous movement, which evolves for a total of 30 minutes: the sound of freezing by a 380 kg ice cube and its granular and rezo- synehesis.

Short bio:
Federico Dal Pozzo (Venice, 1976) lives in Turin, Italy. Concrete Composer and Musician, studied drumming with Mario Bracco and Vittorio Panza. In 1999 he joined the DADADANG (percussion parade in motion) with he has been playing around the biggest festivals in Europe and beyond (Moscow, Paris, London, Graz). In 2007 he graduated in ''Audio Recording and Music Production'' in Recording Workshop (Chillicothe,Ohio_U.S.A.) and he studied ''WaveField Synthesis'' with Hubert Westkemper (Milan-Italy). In 2014 He studied in Corfu (GR) at “Summer Academy of Electroacoustic Music and Live Electronics” with Annette Vande Gorne and Theodoros Lotis, and “Improvised Music in small and large Ensemble” with Carlos Zingaro (2014, Atouguia da Baleia-P). His works, appointed “Untitled_”, are based upon concrete objects and the transfiguration and perception of the sound and audio- spatialization. He's a Sound Designer in various theatre and dance companies in Italy, France, Belgium, Israel,.... He works in various Italian Foundations for Audio-Installations and Live Performance (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Castello di Rivoli, Promotrice dell Belle Arti).

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Title: Abcousma Live performance, laptop (24')
Composer: Manoli Moriaty

Abcousma is a live performance intersecting aesthetics and methodologies of electronic dance music, dub, and electroacoustic music. The laptop-based system involve an array of processing chains through which the performer sends streams of recorded or live material, in a manner informed by dub studio compositions and live performances. The effect chains are designed to vary the rhythm, texture, and frequency content of the incoming signal, with the parameters of each processing unit attached to a self-modulating array. The level of modulation is determined by detecting the variations in the original signal’s dynamic and spectral properties, with the output of each effect chain becoming an independent and self-evolving composition which the performer is able to mix between. Some control over global effect parameters is maintained by the performer, whose principle method of forcing each effect chain to vary its output is by adjusting the mix of the recorded streams feed. Abcousma was developed between August and September 2015 at the John Thaw Studios, University of Manchester, as part of the NOVARS Research Centre residency programme.

Short bio:
Manoli Moriaty is a composer, performer, and researcher. His practice includes cross-disciplinary performances, hyrbid analogue-digital noise systems, and electroacoustic tape works, with international presentations at music festivals, performing arts exhibitions, and academic conferences. Currently, he is researching collaborative interdisciplinary performance at the University of Salford under the supervision of Stephen Davismoon. He is a member of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association (HELMCA), and the founder and co-curator of the sound art collective Metanast.


Title: Swan Minotaur… Chimerapocolypse
Composers: Julian Stadon and Jorge Ramirez

SwanMinotaur are a collaborative electrical storm of live coded post-digital madness coming to a town near you. Conceived on the beaches of Pula and Venice, this post-biological petri dish of all that Julian Stadon and Jorge Ramirez spit out has toured the galaxy perfecting all that is imperfect. Part glitchcraft, part witchcraft, this morphing hybrid transmutates at each port it travels through. Previous iterations include SwanDragon (Being), SwanRoo (Adelaide), SwanGondola (Venice), SwanPivo (Croatia) and SwanPanda (Fukuoka/Tokyo).
For AVFest2016 we morph into Swan Minotaur for a performance titled Chimerapocolypse. This performance explores the Anthropocene with a focus on digital representations of natural systems and the problematic discourse surrounding technological and biological ecosystems. A live coded algorave style audio thunderstorm is fed into a gif lightning strike to produce a backwards-forwards onslaught of heavy shit. Get ready for an epiphany.

Short bio:
Jorge Ramirez is a Mexican artist/architect/lover dealing with the science and spatiality of sound. Ramirez combines soothing algorithms, precise and indeterminate software developing, kaleidoscopic warmth-psyched sound synthesis and textured livecoding, creating woven sonic fabrics in a music-as-software approach. Wrapped in evolving soundscapes and generative rhythms in a heightened sensorial psychedelic haze.

Short bio:
Julian Stadon is an artist/designer/lecturer/curator/drinker, focusing on data bodies, embodiment and affect within mixed reality and post-biological identity scenarios. Stadon generates gif mashups with generative filtering and coded effects that feed both into and out of Ramirez’s ear candy.

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