Festivals within a Festival:
the affiliated festivals of the 8th Festival of Audiovisual Arts

Within the framework of the 8th Audiovisual Arts Festival that is organized by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts and the Department of Music Studies (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE) of Ionian University, the works of four prominent festivals will take place on the island of Corfu. The main point of these festivals is the collaboration of students and tutors from the department of AVarts..

Festival Les Instants which is based in Marseille, France was established in 1988 and aims to give prominence to video art and multimedia creation. Since the work of students from the department has been featured as exhibits in this festival, this marks a successful collaboration of the department of AVarts.

Festival Miden, one of the biggest and most interesting festivals of video art and new media in Greece, comes from Kalamata, and the free presentation, designation and development of Greek and international art has been it's driving force since 2005.

Animasyros International Festival + Animation Forum , is based in the Greek island of Syros and since its establishment in 2008, it presents a various range of short animation films and also features animation workshops (for the younger and the older), as well as a professional forum with the participation of acclaimed Greek and foreign artists and professionals.

Be There! Corfu Animation Festival , takes place in the city of Corfu and is a relatively new international animation festival (started in 2011). It is described by its organizing team as a festival of art and animation with an educational and entertaining look, but with its main focus on the artistic perspective.

Updated: 13-01-2020
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