1. Winners of the 'video promo' competition

The winners of the 'video promo' competition for the AVarts Festival 2014 are Alexis Lazaridis and Costas Baliakas. The organising committee would like to thank all the students who participated in the competition.

Promotional video (link)

2. Call to students for to submit their work

As every year, the 8th AVarts Festival will include exhibitions of student works. This year's aim is for the works to be less of course essays, and be more personal individual or group work. Therefore all interested parties are called to submit their work by April 4 2014.

The indicative categories include:

  • Photography
  • Installations*
  • Comic
  • Analogue Drawing/Painting
  • Digital Art
  • Electroacoustic works

* A descriptive text must be included and if possible a graphic representation of the installation.

Works not included in the categories above can be easily included after discussion on how they can be exhibited.
Works can be submitted at the following email, and have to be in a .zip format whilst name, email, contact number, as well as the category in which the work is set should be included.
Further information can be provided by calling this number 6988032337 (Vassilis)

3. 'Promo Video' Competition for the AudioVisual Arts Festival 2014

Friday 28th February marks the beginning of the competition for the creation of a promotional video for the 8th Audiovisual Arts Festival on the subject: “10 years of Audio & Visual Arts”. The video will be broadcasted online as well as on Mass Media.

Any kind of style can be used for the creation of the video. The suggested duration is 30 seconds. Also the festival logo and poster should be used.

The competition ends on April 4, however the participating members should express their interest in the competition as soon as possible at the email adress (a short description of the video should be included).

The winner of the competition will receive a first place certificate.

Further information can be provided by calling the number 6988032337 (Vassilis)

4. Winner of graphic arts competition

The winner of the graphics competition for the festival of 2014 is Tsiridis Manthos. The organising committee would like to thank all the students who submitted their work.

5. Graphics competition (poster, logo, schedule)

The graphics competition for the creation of the poster, logo and schedule will remain open until 25 February 2014. The interested parties can submit their suggestions in .pdf form at the email and should state their name, email and phone number. The winner of the competition will receive a first prize certificate.
The information that must be stated on the poster is:

  • Festival title: 10 years of Audio & Visual Arts
  • Symposium title: 'Metamorphoses of Corporeality: Art-Body-Technology
  • Festival dates: 14-18 May 2014

Further Information: 6988032337

Updated: 13-01-2020
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