2nd Audiovisual Arts Festival
May 22 - 24, 2008, Corfu

For the last fifteen years, the Audiovisual Arts Festival (AVfest) is held by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts, in collaboration with the ERHMEE Lab - Department of Music Studies, of the Ionian University, in Corfu, Greece. Each year the Audiovisual Arts Festival features a series of artistic and scientific activities, presenting the results of the creative, educational and research work developed by its organizing institution in the fields of contemporary sonic and visual arts.

The Festival’s influence has gradually expanded aiming to provide an ideal meeting point for artists and researchers through media art events, workshops and academic conferences.


The second Audiovisual Arts Festival took place in May 2008. The main thematic drive of the festival was the “Imaginary Worlds” as a model of gnoseological, aesthetic and metaphysical approach, like those formed through the new systems of record and revisualisation of the apprehensible world. The Festival’s program was rich in presentations and exhibitions of student works: Photography, Color - Drawing, Video Art - Installation, Montage - Experimental Multimedia and Music - Sound Editing. The program included as well an open workshop to the students on 3D Animation by Leonidas Koufalis and live presentations by guest artists Stathis Chrisidis and Lambros Pygoudis. Important component of the festival was the organization of the 2-day Symposium “Imaginary Worlds-Alternative Readings of Reality” in which a special emphasis was given to the presentations of new technologies in relation to the modern educational need in the sector of audiovisual media, as well as their application possibility in the production of interpretation models and reconstruction of reality. Among other speakers in the symposium were Manos Danezis, Manthos Santorinaios, Ilias Marmaras, Kostas Yiatilis MacFarlane and Li Jin.



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