Wednesday 21 May 2008
13:00 Opening events at central town spots.
16:30 Official opening of the festival/symposium registration. Greetings by: mr. Dimitrios Tsougarakis Rector of Ionian University and mr. Nikolaos Kanellopoulos President of the Department of AVARTS. Following are speeches by acclaimed experts/ Ionian Academy.
Thursday 22 May 2008
9.30 Symposium (2nd day) / Ionian Academy
14.00 End of the Symposium
17:00 Opening of student exhibitions from the workshops of Photography, Drawing, Painting, Video Art, Installation, Editing and Experimental Multimedia / Aretaios Building*
18:30 “Colours of Music”. Act organised by the students of the department and the students of the Improvisation Ensemble of the Department of Music Studies. Aretaios Building Yard.
20:30 “From magister Perotimus until Irene, Vasilis and the other kids” / Aretaios Building, room 3
21:30 Presentation of students works in the theoritical courses of: Music, Elaboration of Music and Electronic Music / Aretaios Building, room 3
Friday 23 May 2008

3D Animation Workshop by mr. Leonidas Koufalis / building 3, new room.
Subjects: ‘Introduction to 3D Animation’, ‘Introduction of Maya 2008’, ‘Viewing of awarded short 3D animation films from collections like Stash’, ‘Work Presentations of Greek 3D animators”, ‘Viewing and analysis of famous Greek advertisments with wide use of 3D animation& Digital Compositing”. “The future of 3D animation and Digital Arts in Greece”, “Professional training and market demand”


«Worlds-Maps-Explorations Works of students and live audiovisual work by artists Stathis Chrisidis (video) and Lampros Pigounis (multichannel sound) / Aretaios Building Yard.


Music night, Djing & Vjing / Aretaios Building Yard.


Saturday 24 May

3D Animation Workshop by mr. Leonidas Koufalis / Building 3, new room..
Software presentations: “FaceGen Modeller-Photographic Head Modeling Techniques with Texture Mapping, Importing and Rendering in Maya”, “Toon Boom Studio, Storybooard Pro and Digital Pro-Leading Powerful 2D Animation Software” “Introduction to Digital Matte Painting”


“Music of Colours” Act organised by the students of the department and the students of the Improvisation Ensemble of the Department of Music Studies. / Aretaios Building Yard.


‘Labyrinth’, Short film inspired by Corfu, collaboration between ERASMUS and AVarts Students / Aretaios Building Yard.

22:00 Closing of the festival with music selections by students. / Aretaios building yard.
*The Entrance is free to all events.
**Aretaios Building is located in the campus of the AVarts department, Tsirigoti Square 7.

2008 Symposium Programme

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Participant Registration

"Welcome Speech by the Rector, Professor D. Tsoungarakis
Welcome Speech by the President of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Associate Professor N. Kanellopoulos"


1st Session

17:30-18:15 N. Kanellopoulos, Associate Professor and President of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, ""The Department of Audio and Visual Arts: Its Curriculum and Its Academic, Artistic and Professional Contributions""
18:15-18:45 Coffee Break

2nd Session
Coordinated by I. Zannos

18:45-21:15 M. Danezis, Assistant Professor, Physics Department, University of Athens "The Matrix of the Universe"
G. Marentakis, Research Fellow, McGill University "The Use of the Spatial Dimension of Sound in Creating Fictional Worlds. Capabilities and Empirical Evaluations"
M. Santorineos, Assistant Professor, Athens School of Fine Arts, "Searching for an Ideal Environment for Education, Cooperation and Artistic Creation: Conclusions from the Activities of the Multimedia and Hypermedia Lab of the Athens School of Fine Arts"
A. Malandrakis, Journalist, "Eleftherotypia" "The Past of the Future: A Look Back at the Views and Visions of the Future, from the late 19th to the late 20th Century, through illustrations in Pop Culture Magazines, Comics, and Films"
21:30 Dinner
Thursday, 22 May 2008

3rd Session
Coordinated by A. Floros

09:30-11:30 D. Kontarinis, Innovation Manager, Velti S.A. "VR worlds and communities: from concept to market"
I. Marmaras, Media Artist, Member of the Personal Cinema New Media Group "Massive Multiplayer Online Games - Work and Production of Culture"
A. Kolsouloglou, Architectural Engineer, National Technical University of Athens., I. Veneris, Associate Professor, School of Architectural Engineering, NTUA, Y. Parmenidis, Professor, School of Architectural Engineers, NTUA. "A Mixed Reality Museum Exhibiting the Antikythera Mechanism"
K. Yatilis McFarlane, 3D Character Artist, Track7Games "Creating Characters for 3D Gameworlds"
11:30-12:00 Coffee Break

4th Session
Coordinated by E. Hamalidi

12:00-14:00 Li Jin, School of Computer Science, University of Westminster "Digital 3D Interactive Media Techology for Arts and Creative Applications"
V. Paschalis, Assistant Professor, Department of Plastic Arts and Art Sciences, "Ethos Anthropo Daimon: Creating Cartoons Via the Demonic Figure"
L. Pigounis, SAE School of Athens – St. Chrysidis, Visualist "Exploring Interactive Communicational Models. The mapping of physical world/gesture to control real-time network information for live audiovisual works"
Al. Mistriotis, Visual Artist-Director, "The Unreal Reality and the Need for the Imaginary"
14:00 Conclusions, Closing of the Symposium


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