Live Visuals
Christophoros Zaverdinos, Apostolos Pahis, Athanasios Tsigas, Konstantinos Spyridon Raptis, George Kandiliaris, Alexandra Baka, Michaela Siozi, Christianna Gusia, Loukas Drivas, Nikos Gakios, Asterios Zervos

Within  the course, reference is made, with audio-visual examples, to the evolution of Expanded/extended Cinema, Music Visualization (real time video), Live Audio-Visual performance (A/V performance) and Live Visuals in real time ( live visuals, VJing, generative art, audio reactive visuals, electronica, club culture).

Ways of producing relevant artistic works as well as applications are analyzed. At the same time, production tools for such works are examined, such as related software (touch designer, vvvv, smode, open source, etc.), depth cameras and motion sensors, VR, midi controllers, synthesizers, DAW software, audio devices, etc. Ways of presenting an artistic work are examined (installations, projections, projection mapping, performances, VJing, etc.).

  The aim of the course is to understand and create artistic works and applications based on the interaction of sound and image in real time.

Supervising Professor: Thomas valianatos:
Thomas Valianatos was born in Athens and attended Athens School of Fine Arts, receiving a B.A. in Painting in 2003 and a M.A. in Digital Arts in 2006. The body of his work ranges from 2d & 3d animation works and comic book art works to electronic music composition and live audiovisual performances (1998-2022). Since 2010 he has been teaching as Lecturer (Tenured Lecturer, since 2020) at the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of Ionian University, in both to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic art, 2d/3d animation, digital illustration, non linear narratives and Live Visuals. His artworks, in the form of original comic book art, digital prints, live electronic music, videos and live audio & visual performances, have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at various international festivals and art exhibitions and in various publishers and advertising films in Cinema & TV,  including the 10th European and Mediterranean Young Artists Biennale, ZKM, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, EMST), Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (MCF), ARTATHINA, Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), Cambridge Science Festival, Splice Festival, LPM Live Performers Meeting, Synch Festival, China VISAP, Athens Science Festival, Athens International Comics Festival.

George Kandiliaris
Τhe first 4 years of my secondary education took place in Arts School of Thessaloniki. I then transferred to the educational path of arts in Paralimni highschool, where I took part in various school art contests. Currently I’m in my 4th year of studying at Ionian University, in the department of Audiovisual Arts and had the opportunity to create the visualizer of the 16th Audiovisual Arts Festival.
Michaela Siozi
Michaela Siozi is a student of the Department of Sound and Visual Arts of the Ionian University in Corfu. He deals with two-dimensional graphic illustration, video art, poetry and photography. Michaela draws pictorial motifs from literary creations and literary figures, from the preoccupations of today's times and people dialoguing with concepts concerning the culture, spirit and enjoyment of the now.
Christianna Gusia
Christianna Gousia was born in Arta in December 2001 and her engagement with digital painting began in 2019, shortly before she began her studies at the "Department of AudioVisual Arts" of Ionian University, where she continues to attend to this day. Making music videos (mainly using her illustrations and After Effects techniques) is one of her main interests and she publishes most of her work online, where she can be found under the moniker “Tiny Witch”.

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May 2023
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Friday 05-05-2023
Old Fortress - Prisons


  • Politechno
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts (Old Asylum)
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu: Art Gallery - People’s Garden
  • Ionian Academy
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts: Patio (Old Asylum)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Gkousis Building: Studio Video (Patio-Old Asylum)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Gkousis Building: Secretariat (Patio-Old Asylum)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Building 3: Design Lab (Old Asylum)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Building 3: ΥΚ1 (Old Asylum)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Building 3 (Old Asylum)
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Building 3: ΥΚ2 (Old Asylum)
  • Library of the Ionian University
  • Asian Art Museum
  • Old Fortress - Prisons
  • Gallery Ersi
  • Old Fortress - Latin Chapel
  • Department of Audio & Visual Arts - Gkousis Building: Sound Studio (Patio-Old Asylum)
  • 1st Profession High School of Corfu
  • Old Fortress
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