TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC):New Repro-Zombie Studies (NR-ZS) - Undead Bioart / Bodyart on the Beach
April 5-14 2024

The Ionian University is now presenting the second of three calls for TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC): New Repro-Zombie Studies (NR-ZS) - Undead Bioart / Bodyart on the Beach taking place on April 5-14, 2024 on the island of Crete. TTTlabs BioFeral.BeachCamp (BFBC) is a nine day highly speculative autonomous skill-share event of intense co-creation, co-education and co-development. Exploring advances in new reproductive technology through informal bridging of art and science through DIY (do-it-youself), DIWO (do-it-with-others), DITO (do-it-together) culture methodologies, TTTlabs BFBC NR-RR focuses on understanding Fertilization through topics in: Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization, Germline Gene Editing and Zombie Studies.

The organization offers workshops, as well as accommodation and food, free of charge to a limited number of participants (max 8). Applications are open for the following fields of expertise: Bioartists, Performance Artists, Gynecologists (IVF specialists), Animal Studies Ethnographers/Scientists of Animal Behavior, Biologists (Developmental), Video Jockeys (VJs), Biohackers/Makers, Body-Horror/Science-Fiction Writers, Science Technology Studies Scholars, New Reproductive Technology Specialist (IVF or prenatal genetic diagnosis specialist), Body Artists/Performance Artists, Psychologists and Genetic Counselors.

The organization offers accommodation and food, free of charge, to a limited number of participants (max 8) in Crete.
The second call for participants is now closed.



Funded by

Rewilding Cultures
Ionian University


Projekt Atol Institute
Cultivamos Cultura
Catch / Helsingør Kommune
Udruga Radiona
Bioart Society
AVarts Dept
InArts Lab
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