Title: “Research Methodology” Workshop
Speaker(s): Maria Georgoula [Supervisor: Elena Hamalidi]
Date & Time: 01/06/2018, 09:30-16:00
Location: Department of Audio and Visual Arts
Language: Greek

Contextual framework as a tool to developing practice; the example of the Nauru Project

Maria Georgoula, Artist/Associate Lecturer, BA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University


The workshop will start with a short presentation on the Nauru Project an ongoing, online, collaborative art project based around the story of the Micronesian island of Nauru; the smallest island-nation in the world. The participants will then be invited to present existing contextual references shaping their practice and to work together and independently in order to trace, collect and exchange further references, findings, visual material and connotations. The workshop will aim to help participants determine, articulate and enrich a coherent though flexible contextual field that may operate in concurrent dialogue with their practice.


Short presentation on the Nauru Project; the island, the collaborating artists, research, unexpected online encounters, main sections
Context as an evolving source for material, ideas, and approaches for practice. Articulating concepts and integrating references from diverse sources; other arts, archives, narratives and stories, visits, uncertain online findings, walking, theory
Specific examples: Cabinet Magazine, creative taxonomy
Individual presentations of work and context
Speed dating; exchange of ideas and notes
Brainstorming for new concepts and connotations from the group for each artist


Uploading of new material, references, concepts etc onto preferred online platforms: wordpress, instagram, pintrest, spark adobe, blogspot etc
Individual presentations of renewed material. Critical review and futuredirections


Curiosity, generosity, articulation
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