Title: Students' Works
Date & Time: 31/05/2018 - 01/06/2018
Location: Department of Audio and Visual Arts

Curator: Thomas Valianatos
Duration: 31/5/2018 - 1/06/2018 11: 00-20: 00

The Undergraduate Exhibition includes student theses that were implemented as part of the undergraduate courses. Works include Script / Storyboard, VR & Games, Animation, Video / Animation, Audiovisual and Digital Audio Editing.

Advanced Course of Academic Art, teacher Spyros Verykios
VR & Games, teacher Michael Panagopoulos
Animated Graphic Design, teacher Thomas Valianatos
Video / Animation, teacher Constantinos Tiligadis
Audiovisual installations, teacher Angelos Floros
Digital Audio Environments, LUCA Teamwork: The Last Global Ancestor, Emmanuel Rovithis

At the same time, there are presentations of individual undergraduate projects as well as graduate theses.
Plus Minus Zero (+ - 0), Vassilis Pitsakidis, teacher Konstantinos Tiligadis

_Apothesis, Evangelos Bezevegis, supervisor. Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, consultant Vassilios Psaras
The _Apothesis project is a Mixed Media installation, which creates a time-efficient narrative between technological objects and processes. It focuses and lists online data from the most popular searches on the Google platform in Greece for two months, focusing on the subject of the printer as an efficient and conceptual mediator. "_Apothesis" project is inspired by the interdisciplinary fields of Media Archeology, Installation Art and Internet Information. The term "Apothesis" occurs in the science of chemistry as the process of converting a gas directly into a solid form. In the science of Geology, "Apothesis" is defined as the deposition of matter on geological layers. In this graduate thesis, the same term is approached as the process of converting information from the Internet's metaphorical "cloud" into the solid form of paper, transferring "material" from the past to the present, paralleling three different time narratives, in sixty minutes, revealing through the process of printing, the archaeological stratification of the everyday and ephemeral social glance on the internet information.
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