6th International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges [DCAC-2024] 24-25 May 2024

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The Department of Audio & Visual Arts, of the Ionian University in Corfu organizes the 6th International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges: Interdisciplinary Creativity in Arts and Technology (DCAC- 2024, May 24-25). The Conference will be held hybridly (in the Ionian Academy and online) and its sessions will be continuously streamed at the following address:

DCAC- 2024 will be held in collaboration with the international conference 3ai (Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, 26-27/05) as joint events. The subject of the latter is the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Art, as artworks produced by Artificial Intelligence systems have provoked heated debates.  (

The 6th DCAC emphasizes the hot issue of the relationship between AI and Art, with keynote speakers the world-renowned leading theorist of new media and digital arts Lev Manovich and the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Digital Technology of the Université de Vincennes - Paris 8, Professor Khaldoun Zreik.

Detailed Schedule:

On the first day of the Conference (Friday 24/5), the keynote speaker is Professor Lev Manovich (Distinguished Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of New York) and director of the Cultural Analytics Lab, who deals with the art in new media, artificial intelligence in art and digital art and is considered as the most influential scholar in these fields. He has a very large number of journal and conference papers and his work has received over 41,000 peer-citations. The title of his talk is “compression / generation: AI and art history”.

On the second day of the Conference, the keynote speaker is Professor Khaldoun Zreik, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Digital Technology of the Université de Vincennes - Paris 8 and director of the Research Laboratory in the Sciences of Information & Communication. Mr. Zreik will also talk about the hot topic of the relationship between art and artificial intelligence and his talk will be titled "Art & Technology at the Post-Digital & AI Age".

The Conference has attracted participants from various European countries, but also from USA, China, Australia, etc. The keynote speaker sessions will be chaired by the Director of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, Associate Professor Michael Panagopoulos.

The Rector of the Ionian University, Professor Andreas Floros and the Head of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Professor Andreas Giannakoulopoulos, will address greetings. The greetings and the keynote speech of Professor Lev Manovich will take place on Friday, May 24, 2024, starting at 12:30.

Official conference website:

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