1. Ionian Parliament, Moustoxidi str. (Plati Kantouni)
  2. Politechno, 39, Schulenburg str. (entrance New Fortress / Neo Frourio)
  3. Former Asylum, 7, Tsirigoti Square
  4. Art Cafe, Garden of the People, Old Palace / Palaia Anaktora (St. Michael and St. George)
  5. ΜΕΖΖΟ-ΜΕΖΖΟ, 16 Michail Theotoki Str
  6. Lemonias Square, Corfu

Ionian Parliament, Moustoxidi str. (Plati Kantouni)

The will of the people of the Ionian Islands for their unification with Greece was developed and expressed in the Ionian Parliament. The unification with Greece was validated with a resolution of the Ionian Parliament on 23 September 1863. The building was designed by Ioannis Chronis and it was constructed in 1855. It is a neoclassical building with Doric columns that decorate its typical entrance. It was restored in 1978 and since then, it constitutes the seat of the Museum dedicated to the fight for freedom of the Ionian Islands.

Politechno, 39, Schulenburg str. (entrance New Fortress / Neo Frourio)

A multidimensional culture and recreation center situated in the Old Town of Corfu and more specifically in the New Fortress, a 16th century construction, important for its defensive technique and architecture. Polytechno is one of the most active cultural sites in Greece and is also the reference point for the local contemporary artistic creation. It gives the opportunity to many creative people to express themselves and constitutes the link between the artistic departments of the Ionian University and the public, maintaining a fruitful cooperation with the Music Studies and the Audio and Visual Arts Department. Polytechno is a hotspot for new but also for renowned artists from Greece and abroad; it has hosted painting, sculpting, photograph and facilities exhibitions, while it has also cooperated with significant cultural institutes in Athens, festivals and cultural initiatives, so far. Polytchehno also offers seminars, movie and/or documentary screenings and art workshops for children.

Former Asylum, 7, Tsirigoti Square

Α neoclassical complex of buildings in Tsirigoti square, that today houses three departments of the Ionian University. The complex includes the Chalepas building, which was named after the distinguished Greek sculptor who was hospitalized here for quite a few years. The Former Asylum campus houses the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, the Department of Informatics and the Department of Foreign Languages Translation and Interpreting. The classes are being held in various wings of the buildings, including the areas where the kitchen and the rooms of the patients used to be. The main buildings which are being used in the complex are the Goussis building, the building of the Secretariats and the Aretaios building.

Art Cafe, Garden of the People, Old Palace / Palaia Anaktora (St. Michael and St. George)

The Art Café of the Municipality of Corfu is situated in the gardens of Old Palaces (Palaia Anaktora). It is a place where you can cool off and enjoy your coffee or drink in a pleasant environment with a wonderful view. The inside of the café is decorated with furniture that belonged to the former royal family while here is also housed the Gallerie where painting, photography and contemporary artists’ exhibitions are being held.


  • Ionian Parliament
  • Politechno
  • Former Asylum
  • Art Cafe, Garden of the People
  • Lemonias Square

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