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The 6th Audiovisual Arts Festival event, co-organized by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts and the Department of Music Studies (ERHMEE, Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications) has come to its end for yet another year with great success.

A great variety of artistic, educational and scientific events in the domain of contemporary arts of sound and image has taken place in various spaces and terraces of the old Corfu town, gathered under this year’s theme “Art in the city”. More specifically, drawing and comic exhibitions, electroacoustic music concerts and a number of installations and video projections have been taking place, with graduation dissertations presentations being added to the festival’s event’s wide range. Finally, we would like to thank the Festival’s audience, since our events would not have been successful without its presence. We hope to renew our meeting with all of you for the coming year and the next Audiovisual Arts Festival.

Updated: 13-01-2020


  • Ionian Parliament
  • Politechno
  • Former Asylum
  • Art Cafe, Garden of the People
  • Lemonias Square

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