Students assignments on Video Art (AVA944) and Art of Technical Images(AVA743)
Evterpi Kabioti, Antonis Pappos, Efstratios Psouroukis, Sotiria Dimitriou Katikaridi, George Kandiliaris, Elli Lyberopoulou, Chrysoula Platsatoura, Kassandra Thoma, Michaela Siozi, Adamantia Glovanou, Niki Matzona, Artemis Vasiliadou, Evan Gard, Ioanna Fakinou, Giorgos Klitsas, Giorgos Agellis, Christianna Gusia, Nefeli Stilianidou, Oleksandr Hladun

The videos presented in this section were made during the undergraduate courses Video Art and Technical Image Art of the Audio and Visual Arts Department of the Ionian University. Projected projects are either weekly exercises or the final semester project. Repetition, movement, the body, supermarket and meal preparation, fragments of one self, surveillance, realism/slice of life are some of the themes dealt with in these works.
The courses aim at getting familiar with the medium of the moving image. Part of the creative process are also questions of a technical nature, semiological readings and feedback from the conception of an idea to the realisation of the final work.

Evterpi Kabioti
My name is Effie Kampioti and I am an undergraduate student at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University. I mainly focus on 2D animation and sketching, but lately I have been experimenting a lot with video art projects.
Antonis Pappos
Antonis Pappos, born in 1999, is a visual artist. He graduated the Fine art high school of Thessaloniki (2017), and now he lives in Corfu studying Audiovisual arts with a focus on the photographic image. He was part of both visual art and photography exhibitions. His work also includes amature short films and music videos. Some personal interests are sculpting, etching and dancing.
Efstratios Psouroukis
In his artistic work, Efstratios Psourukis uses both video and graphic elements as a means of expression. Through his video work he explores themes such as social anxiety and self-expression. Some of his credits include directing, editing and screenwriting.
Sotiria Dimitriou Katikaridi
Katikaridi Sotiria is a student at the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University.
George Kandiliaris
Τhe first 4 years of my secondary education took place in Arts School of Thessaloniki. I then transferred to the educational path of arts in Paralimni highschool, where I took part in various school art contests. Currently I’m in my 4th year of studying at Ionian University, in the department of Audiovisual Arts and had the opportunity to create the visualizer of the 16th Audiovisual Arts Festival.
Elli Lyberopoulou
I’m Elli(en), and I’m an AVARTS Student, I do performance art, photography, video art, drawing and whatever else I can get my hands on. I generally feel like I don’t have enough time. My works are rather attempts to manage my existential crises and an internal search, maybe I will figure something out after all.
Chrysoula Platsatoura
Chryssa Platsatoura is currently studing at the Audio and Visual Αrt department of Ιonian university and she is interested in cinema.
Kassandra Thoma

KasSandra (Kassandra Thoma) is a native Greek woman born in 2000 and the youngest member of the artistic group "Karatransavanguardia". Since her student years, she has been involved in theater, storytelling, animation and worked as a "little assistant" of the artist Angi Karatza at the Museum of Cycladic Art. She won the first prize in the pan-Hellenic student painting competition "100 years Battleship Georgios Averof" in 2010 and in 2011 she successfully attended an adult seminar on stop motion animation organized by Maria Kontogiorgou (MaRik). She has participated in three group exhibitions of visual arts: "MUDIA" (2017, Cultural Space "Francisco de Miranda"), "100 years of solitude and a little snake/snakes and ladders" (2019, "STOSCHOLIO"), "Exhibition of Advanced Drawing Workshop and Comic Illustration" (2022, Latin Chapel at the Old Fortress of Corfu). Her short film "Snapshots of Eros in Isolation" was screened at the 15th Audiovisual Arts Festival (AVFest) in 2022. In 2022-2023 she works as a proffesional animator, creating videoclips for Panayotis Kelandrias and his album "Bridges".

Michaela Siozi
Michaela Siozi is a student of the Department of Sound and Visual Arts of the Ionian University in Corfu. He deals with two-dimensional graphic illustration, video art, poetry and photography. Michaela draws pictorial motifs from literary creations and literary figures, from the preoccupations of today's times and people dialoguing with concepts concerning the culture, spirit and enjoyment of the now.
Adamantia Glovanou

My name is Adamantia Glovanou and I am a student of the Ionian University and more specifically the Department of Audio and Visual Arts. I was born and raised in Athens and from an early age I was attracted to the creative and imaginative world of art.
I have always been fascinated by the power of art to convey ideas, feelings and experiences and dedicated myself to improving my skills in a wide range of media. From painting and drawing to sculpture and digital art, I have explored many different techniques and styles.
I am excited to pursue my love of art in our department and look forward to continuing to develop my skills and explore new avenues of creativity and expression.

Niki Matzona
Niki Matzona is a student at the Department of Audiovisual Arts of the Ionian University
Artemis Vasiliadou
Artemis Vasileiadou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She decided to go to Corfu to become a student in Audio-Visual Arts of Ionian University to pursue her love for the arts. She is interested in creating art that will create an environment that will spark the beginning of a dialogue, the exchange of new suggestions and ideas. She usually creates 3D graphics, but she is also interested in creating and editing videos, character design, creating digital art and writing stories and screenplays.
Evan Gard

Evan Gard is a 22-year-old Greek director. He was born and raised in Athens and is currently studying Audiovisual Arts at the Ionian University. His first acclaimed short film "The Butterfly's Piano Who Was Played by Gko" (2019) was screened in 7 countries and won 2 awards for the best student short film under 18. In 2022 Evan Garde directed the short film "Days" an experimental short film about letting go which was screened at 2 festivals in Tunisia and New York.

Ioanna Fakinou

Born in Athens, Greece, Ioanna's interests have always lain in the arts. Passionate with photography from a very young age, she started observing and capturing stories of everyday people living their lives, using her point of view as a window to her imagination. Later on, she started creating concepts based on instictive experiences, exploring the boundaries between forms, personas and abstraction. She loves expressing herself through experimentation with different art media and materials, mainly in visual art. Currently operating between Athens and Corfu, studying at Audiovisual Arts in Ionian University and creating images.

Giorgos Klitsas
My name is George Kleitsas and since the day I was born I only wanted to create things. I used to look up to artists of any kind (musicians, cinematographers, photographers etc.) and after a while it was clear to me that I wanted to become one. I direct, I get busy with most of the departments of a cinema set (currently working in the industry), I love creative writing and also make music. I’m currently studying at the department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University and looking forward to moving abroad next year and starting my master’s degree.
Giorgos Agellis

George Angelis is student of the AVArts Dpt. Of Ionian University. Born in 1985 with origins of Paxos Island and Athens. He has his base in photography and since his admition in the AVArts Dpt. he works with video media aswell, exploring mainly directing and video editing skills variying from documentary style short films up to the point of Video Art. Collecting images with his cameras consists the primary material for his work, which he process through digital editing tools. His style varies from realistic to avant guarde according to circumstances and his basic target is the spectator experience. Lately he is experimenting infusing his creations into Αrt Ιnstallations.

Christianna Gusia
Christianna Gousia was born in Arta in December 2001 and her engagement with digital painting began in 2019, shortly before she began her studies at the "Department of AudioVisual Arts" of Ionian University, where she continues to attend to this day. Making music videos (mainly using her illustrations and After Effects techniques) is one of her main interests and she publishes most of her work online, where she can be found under the moniker “Tiny Witch”.
Nefeli Stilianidou
Nefeli Stylianidou is 23 years old, born on April 20, 1999 in Lemesos, Cyprus. She is a high school graduate and is now in her 5th year of studies at the Ionian University. She mainly works with graphic design, photography and pre-production and post- production. Along with her studies, Nefeli has attended seminars on social media management and website design.
Oleksandr Hladun

Oleksandr Hladun is from Ucraine and he is student of the Departement of Audiovisual Arts at the Ionian University.
Creator of the two projects DUNAEWSKY69 and SVITOVAMORA.

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