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Organization:     Department of Audio and Visual Arts
  Department of Music Studies
(Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE)
  Ionian University

The Department of Audio and Visual Arts and Department of Music Studies (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE) of the Ionian University once again jointly organize the annual 7th Audiovisual Arts Festival during June 20 – 30, 2013. By following and extending the tradition and experience gained through the festival organization over the last years and featuring a series of artistic, educational and research activities, which will take place in different spots at the old town of Corfu, the festival will be presenting the results of the educational and research work of both Departments in the field of the contemporaneous arts of sound and visual expression. Additionally, artistic creations (such as interactive / digital audiovisual artworks and installations, electroacoustic music concerts and exhibitions – new media projections) from artists from Greece and abroad will be included in the final conference program, while approaches and thematics will be developed concerning the integration of new audio and visual technologies in art.

In particular, the festival wide perspective includes alternative forms and expressions of new media arts, such as video art, internet art, sonic art and radio art. Moreover, the above forms, combined with modern interactive and multimedia technologies achieve a complicated, participative means for artistic expression through interactive installations. Hence, the festival program also includes the demonstration of interactive audiovisual installations, live electronic music performances and exhibitions / presentations of student works, as well as Greek and international artists.

This year, for the first time, an open call for a two day symposium during June 21 and 22 entitled "Art and Interculturality in the Mediterranean Region: departing from antiquity – looking towards the future" is co-organized by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University and the Region of Ionian Islands, in which programme are included papers and art presentations with emphasis on contemporaneous intercultural exchanges and new media.

The Festival will take place from June 20 to 30 2013 in Corfu. Entrance is free in all events.

EPHMEE continues from June 25 to 30 it’s Sound and City initiative, exploring this thematic by means of presentation of electroacoustic music works, seminars and lectures by distinguished international artists and researchers, in collaboration with the EU project Listening Cities.

Updated: 13-01-2020


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