Article: ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ 05/06/2006
Maria Maragou

“If we accept the importance of computers as an artistic medium, then we most definitely have to observe the work being done at the Ionian University, in the department of Audio & Visual Arts.

During the entire last week of the festival, activities, music, art events, a symposium on "Digital Technology and Audiovisual Arts" and also speeches summed up the happenings of the last seven years when the department was established by Harris Xanthoudakis (during the rectorship of Giorgis Grammatikakis) with financing from European funds.

In the unique building of the former Psychiatric Hospital, which the university requests ownership from the state, paintings and sound environments will be providing the atmosphere, while the exhibitions are continued in the Ionian and the Municipal Galleries with a photography exhibition.

The Department of Audiovisual Arts offers a fresh view on the co-operation of the audio and the visual arts, thus removing of the bulkhead between the two. Also the collaboration of scientists like Yiannis Zannos or Yiannis Deliyiannis with musicians such as Harry Xanthoudakis or Andreas Mniestris and artists such as Marianne Strapatsakis or Nikos Artemis, produces projects for participation and convergence of arts with no frills, which are received by young artists. What matters above all is the production of new media and new programs for artistic data of the immediate future, but also specialties like treed animation, special effect etc.

In Corfu I saw works that really capture your attention. Environments in which the participant can himself enter the scene, create sounds and environments where the their own movement stimulates the electronic sound, such as a movie about Easter in Corfu in which anyone can make the Philarmonic Orchestra walk backwards or make the traditional Corfu jugs fall on the audience’s heads. It is all about an interactive space, which experiments with the recreation of experience itself. The particular works challenge the participant to create his own personal space and whatever sound he desires. They are works that carry out their own opinion, critic and humour and that constantly create reactions by movement or by playing on a Midi Keyboard. This possibility, which began through the desire of music to create an image, is provided with amazing results even though the works are signed off by students and not acclaimed artists.

A film of great gravity and sensitivity is the Masters Thesis of Costis Zouliatis (whose name I mention since I expect it is of great interest to the Greek Film Center, the Film Festival and the national broadcasting stations or Parliament broadcasting station, which does a rather serious work.) on the work and life of Yiannis Xristou. It was a pleasant surprise that a young student of music decided to shed a light on this edgy personality of modern music through the way in which the scores were written, and the people that collaborated with Xristou.”


Article: ΤΑ ΝΕΑ
Festival at Sanitarium
Paraskevi Karimertzi

“New digital and non- sounds, new pictures and original works created by teachers and students of the Ionian University marked the 1st Audiovisual Arts Festival held in Corfu in the premises of the historic yet active Psychiatric Hospital building.

Hundreds of students today, "tomorrow's artists" who are skilled with the secrets of marrying the digital picture and sound, 3D animation and sound effects, movie editors and light & sound specialists have made welcoming Corfu their home. As Marianne Strapatsakis, professor and head of the curriculum of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, says students worked independently and together, improvising on works of one another, participated in exhibitions and concerts that regarded only an image or a sound. They performed known and unknown works of professors / artists, like Sotiris Kostouros and Costis Zouliatis, mainly jazz and electronic works of which the students of visual arts assembled with their own expressive means in a festival of innovative creativity, different from those that reflect the world of tomorrow. Finally, the discussion in the symposium organised regarded not only the digital technology and the audio arts, but also the moral codes that need to govern the emerging sector of art.

ΤΑ ΝΕΑ, 06/06/2006 , Page: P21

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