The Corfu Summer School in Hybrid Arts will begin in May 29th, 2017, integrating both Greek mythological inspiration connected with the Ionian Islands and the (almost) unlimited possibilities of new media. The Summer School will run for two weeks, divided in two cycles. Applicants can submit their registration to one or both cycles. Each cycle has a duration of one week, the first starting on May 29th, 2017 and the second on June 5th, 2017. The courses offered are theoretical and practical and the program also includes seminars from guest speakers in several locations connected with the thematic of the summer school. All courses and seminars are taught in English.


Latest News

20 years Department of Audio and Visual Arts – Ionian University: 17th Audiovisual Arts Festival (23 May – 2 June), Corfu
Posted: 19-04-2024 09:42
The 17th Audiovisual Arts Festival (AVfest) joyously celebrates its genetic kinship with the Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University in its 20th Anniversary year. The festival has become a symbol of creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the contemporary arts landscape, evolving into a dynamic force that reflects the dedication of its faculty, administrative staff, students, alumni, and esteemed guest collaborators.
6th International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges [DCAC-2024] - Hard deadline extension for submission: 29/03/2024
Posted: 12-01-2024 16:08 | Updated: 14-03-2024 12:20
The Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University organizes the 6th International Conference Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges (DCAC-2024) which will be held in hybrid way - online and in the Ionian Academy in Corfu (Greece), on Friday 24 May and on Saturday 25 May 2024. Also on 26-27 May, 2024 the joint conference "Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" will take place. Hard deadline extension for submission of extended abstracts: 29 March, 2024 (14.00 CET)
AV-SCHOOL announces workshops and seminars cycle in celebration of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts' 20th anniversary
Posted: 29-01-2024 12:34 | Updated: 08-03-2024 11:51
AV-School is thrilled to announce its upcoming workshops and seminars cycle, scheduled to take place from May 28th to 31st, 2024, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts. Curated by Associate Professor Dalila Honorato, Assistant Professor Iakovos Panagopoulos, and Laboratory Teaching Staff member Varvara Garneli, this educational initiative is an integral part of the Audiovisual Arts Festival.

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