Anyone Can Make Music with Sounds

Description: This presentation will demonstrate how accessible the idea of making music with sounds can be for anyone. For example, people making time-based visual art or dance can create a composition using sounds that they record or can download from the internet. These ideas have evolved over the years based on research in which it was found that the potential public for sound-based music is quite significant and, furthermore, enjoying and making music with sounds is easy to learn about and to make. The background of the talk is the presenter's book, 'Making Music with Sounds' and the so-called EARS 2 site (ElectroAcoustic Pedagogical site, and its software, Compose with Sounds which was partly developed in Corfu. In the presentation there will be a combination of listening, learning about how easy this is and a demonstration of available tools.

Target group: Directed primarily to people in the other arts alongside musicians who have only dealt with instruments of any age or experience

Seminars' Instructors
Leigh Landy

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