[Bio Art Lab] DIY Column Chromatography: Urine-Hormone-Extraction-Action

A vague description (more will be revealed during the workshop):
In response to the various ways that institutions both pollute and regulate our bodies through hormones, the Estrofem! Lab develops various methods of "freak science" for hacking estrogen and demonstrating its molecular colonization. From yeast biosensors for detection to DIY column chromatography for urine-hormone extraction, these recipes serve as kinds of 'biotechnical civil disobedience,' combining body-gender politics and queer discourse with civic science. The workshop will begin with a short presentation followed by hormone-extraction action. Bring your own urine!

Questions and discursive exercises:

  • How do bodies queer at the molecular level?
  • How does that queering change based on body-type, intention, exposure, and desire?
  • How can we "hack" this process, by way of freak-kitchen-science?
  • What is a gender anyway, if there are increased bio-queer options?
  • What is normality anyway, if our bodies are so open to mutation?
Seminars' Instructors
Mary Maggic

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