[Bio Art Lab] Cell Biology, Tissue Culture and Sympathetic Magic Arts

The goal: to introduce the techniques, materials and processes of embryonic tissue culture to a general audience by making art with pluripotent embryonic stem cells preserved alive but outside of any corporeal body. In addition, electroporation or nano particle electroporation will integrate plasmids into the cell lines. The use of humans as incubators will keep these altered potential re-beings alive for an uncertain time.

Purpose: To compare primary cell acquisition to the use of established cell lines in a non-scientific context. To aid in public understanding of the relationship of the visceral to the lab setting as a source for art materials and a place of art production. To implicate students in the politics and ethics of the care and use of semiliving, extended bodies for art research. There is also the potential to harness mimesis and proximity to cast an operative curse. Seance at 11:11 in the Grand Guignol of Corfu.

Seminars' Instructors
Kathy HighAdam Zaretsky

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