4th Festival of AudioVisual Arts
26-31 May 2010

The Department of Audiovisual Arts and the Department of Music Studies (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, EPHMEE) of Ionian University are mutually organising the 4th AVARTS Festival. Through a variety of artistic, educational and scientific actions the departments will present their educational and research results in the fields of the modern arts of sound and image. At the same time there will be topics developed regarding the relation of art and the technologies of image and sound, like:

Which new forms of expressions result from the possibilities formed by the new technologies?

Which new techniques of artistic expression are developed through the use of these technologies?

How can these new technologies be taught?

How does the accessibility to these technologies affect the creative process as well as the civilian participation to modern arts?

Can the use of new technologies in arts open new ways of approach to sciences and civilization in general?

The festival is organised in collaboration with the European program Ambiant Creativity Project in which participate the Ionian University, the Reasearching Center ACROE of the Technical University of Grenoble and the Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM). In the Festival participate aclaimmed artists and researchers from greek and foreign academic institutes as well as students of the Ionian University and graduates of the Masters Program in Arts and Technologies of Sound from the Department of Music Studies. The schedule includes electroacoustic concerts and live audiovisual works, a series of installations, exhibitions of student projects, seminars, and a symposium with artists and academics regarding Education in New Media art.

The events will begin in the morning of Wednesday, 26 May with workshops and seminars carried out in the EΡΗΜΕΕ rooms and have as their topic technologies of open coding of interactive arts (openFrameworks, SuperCollider, Arduino) aesthetics and practice of electroacoustic music and experimental radio as a form of art. The concerts will begin the same evening in the temple of Saint George in the Old Fortress and will continue every night until the final concert on Saturday 29 of May, which is organised in the centre Ampelonas in the area Triklino. The final concert will present works that combine live acoustic and electronic music with a synthetic algorithmic video. In the Old Fortress, in the old flour storage rooms (Palaies Alevrapothikes) installations of students of the AVARTS department will be accomodated. The Ionian Academy will accomodate videoart and animation projects as well as theoritical works of students. The Municipal Gallery will accomodate paintings, designs and comics. Finally, the Festival Symposium will take place in Ionian Academy on Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of May. The seminars will continue until Monday the 31st of May with workshops in which the participators will be able to experiment with new techniques of digital art.

Updated: 18-04-2022


  • Ionian Academy
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu
  • Former Asylum
  • Department of Music Studies
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