As part of the collaboration between the Departments of Audio and Visual Arts and Music Studies (ERHMME Research Lab) to organize the Festival of Audiovisual Arts – a collaboration which was inaugurated in 2010 – the seminars that were presented during that landmark year pertained to the audiovisual arts as well to music, musical composition and sound and to how technology can play a crucial role in the creative process of these arts and not just in the recording of that process. Seminars for Electroacoustic Music, Radio Art and musical composition through the SuperCollider Software were organized. Instructors included members of the Ionian University staff, as well as important professors, researchers and artists from Greece and abroad. Specifically, the seminars presented in 2010 were:

Updated: 27-04-2022


  • Ionian Academy
  • Municipal Gallery of Corfu
  • Former Asylum
  • Department of Music Studies
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