Summary of the Indicative Curriculum

The curriculum includes the compulsory attendance of five (5) courses – of one (1) Compulsory (ΥΚ), of one (1) Compulsory of Field A or B (ΥΚΑ or ΥΚΒ) and three (3) Compulsory Optional of Field A or B (ΥΕΑ or ΥΕΒ), one of which must be from the Field which is not selected:
1st semester
Field Α Field Β
YK.1 Research Methodologies [6 ECTS] YK.1
YKA.1 Script Writing and Visualization [6 ECTS]
Mathematical Foundations of Audiovisual Technology [6 ECTS] YKB.1
2 from 3
YEA.1 Video Art [6 ECTS] Optional
1 from 3
YEA.2 Animated Graphics and Digital Illustration [6 ECTS]
YEA.3 Internet Applications [6 ECTS]
1 from 3
Audiovisual Content Presentation Technologies [6 ECTS] YEB.1 Optional
2 from 3
Digital Multimedia Content Design and Development [6 ECTS] YEB.2
Interaction using Physical Computing Interfaces [6 ECTS] YEB.3
2nd semester
Field Α Field Β
YK.2 Semiotic Analysis of New Media [6 ECTS] YK.2
YKA.2 Digital Art and Public Space [6 ECTS]
Design - Organization of Audiovisual Projects [6 ECTS] YKB.2
2 from 3
YEA.4 Interactive Installations [6 ECTS] Optional
1 from 3
YEA.5 Sound Art [6 ECTS]
YEA.6 Three-Dimensional Design and Mapping Projection [6 ECTS]
1 from 3
Audiovisual Systems for Alternative Reality [6 ECTS] YEB.4 Optional
2 from 3
Artificial Intelligence in Practice [6 ECTS] YEB.5
Audiovisual Content Quality [6 ECTS] YEB.6
3rd semester
Field Α Thesis [30 ECTS] Field Β


Field A: "Creation and Communication in Audiovisual Arts"

Field Β: "Technologies of Interaction and Audiovisual Art"

YK: Compulsory
YKA: Compulsory of Field A
YKB: Compulsory of Field B
YEA: Compulsory Optional of Field A
YEB:Compulsory Optional of Field B

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