Iconography of Sound

Teaching Staff: Tsiridou Tania
Course Code: AVA744
Course Category: Deepening Knowledge
Course Type: Elective
Course Level: Undergraduate
Course Language: Greek
Delivery method: Lectures
Semester: 7th
Teaching Units: 3
Teaching Hours: 3
Teaching Structure:
ActivitySemester Workload
Lab Lectures26
Tutoring Lectures13
Literature Study and Analysis56
Practice and Preparation30
Course Total (ECTS: 5)125

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Short Description:

The course examines the relationship between sound and visual stimuli in the context of artistic creation.  Especially, it explores how visual forms / structures are associated to sound structures with the aim to design a holistic audiovisual artwork. The ongoing interaction between sound art / music and the visual arts throughout art history is being presented and specific art movements and artworks are being discussed. The presentation includes painting as a static composition, the first experimental and abstract films. Finally the course  investigates the endless possibilities of multisensory experience and interaction offered by new digital technologies such as projects based on algorithmic graphics generators and interactive code-based applications.


Objectives - Learning Outcomes:

The aim of the course is to clarify the central theoretical concepts of the conjunction between sound and image and to encourage the development of  the ability of the participants to recognize and transfer abstract sound events and compositions to visual language and visual representations. Through the laboratory exercises, the goal is to acquire technical skills related to different software throughout the process of the creation of animation and moving imagery as well as to enhance students' individual style in the development of audiovisual artworks.


1st Week

Α brief overview οφ the main theoretical concepts and an introduction to  the subject and the objectives of the course. Laboratory: Presentation and categorization of image and graphics processing technologies to be used within the lab.

2nd Week

The language of music and the visual language (Visual Music / Color Music). Color instruments and the color scale - octave analogy: Historical review. Line, Rhythm, Repeat, Variety, Pattern, Unity. Laboratory: Animating a static image to a give sound with the use of a software. (1st part)

3rd Week

Synesthesia as a neurological condition. Synesthetic artists. The musical form and the architectural form. Cinema as an symphony of light.Laboratory: Animating a static image to a give sound with the use of a software (2nd part)

4th Week

Abstraction in painting and movement within the composition of a static image / painting: presentation of art movements and artists (Paul Klee, futurism, dada, W. Kandisnky, Leger, etc.). Laboratory: Presentation of audio to image in real time conversion systems: experimentation 

5th Week

The first abstract film and the abstract cinema. Presentation of films and discussion (Viking Eggeling, Walter Ruttmann, Oscar Fishing, Hans Richter, etc.). Stop motion. Laboratory: Stop motion (part 1)

6th Week

The music video clips and the aesthetics of pop culture. A typology of the video clip. The relation of the narrative video clip to the cinema: examples of image sequences (graphic design of shots, speeches, motion shots, etc.).  synced to musical codes (melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, form) Laboratory: Stop motion (part 2)

7th Week

Analogue and digital technology. The digit as the common counterpart in the creation of multisensory representation and the capabilities of digital technology in parameterization, conversion and multimedia representation of data. Laboratory: Conversion of audio parameters to keyframes and connection to optical changes using software (part 2)

8th Week

The internet as a platform for presentation and interaction. The interactive video clip. Laboratory: Conversion of audio parameters to keyframes and connection to optical changes using software (part 2)

9th Week

Sound Visualization with moving graphics. Laboratory: Conversion of audio parameters to keyframes and connection to optical changes using software (part 3)

10th Week

New forms of audiovisual environments for digital installations and performances. The fluid boundaries between playing, spectacle and art. 

11th Week

Synchronized multiple projections, 3D mapping projection, live stream video performance. Laboratory: Programming Languages ​​in Audio Visualization (Part1)

12th Week

Digital interactive audiovisual installations: presentation of projects and artists. Laboratory: Programming Languages ​​in Audio Visualization (Part 2):

13th Week

Presentation of students' assignments and discussion. Summarizing key points at a theoretical and practical level and drawing conclusions.

Suggested Bibliography:
  • Synaesthesia and the Ancient Senses. Edited by Shane Butler and Alex Purves
  • The Hidden Sense. Synesthesia in Art and Science. Visual Music. Cretien van Campen. Leonardo Roger F. Malina, Executive Editor Sean Cubitt, Editor-in-Chief
  • The Aesthetic Theories of Kandinsky and their Relatioship to the Origin of Non-Objective Painting. Peter Selz
  • Pedagogical Notebook, P. Klee (1925).
  • Color, Form, and Motion. Dimensions of a Musical Art of Light, FRED COLLOPY
  • An Introduction to Processing and Music Visualization, Christopher Pramerdorfer * Vienna University of Technology
  • MUTUAL RELATION BETWEEN MUSIC AND ARCHITECTURE IN DESIGN, Khaled Mohamed DewidarI, Amr Farouk El-GoharyII, Maged Nabeel AlyIII, Hebatallah Aly Salama.IV
  • Interactive Dynamic Abstraction, Scott Sona Snibbe, Golan Levin
  • Small specimen for the video clip, Manos Perakis


Teaching Methods:

Presentation of projects in the context of lectures, e-class texts and multimedia, tutorial and laboratory exercises.

Evaluation Methods:

Assignment in the form of a developement of two original visualizations to given sounds (70%). An assignment in tha laboratory (30%). 

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