Postdoctoral Studies Regulation

Version 1.0 17/03/2017, Updated 17/03/2017 (.pdf -329K) - Content in greek

Article 1: General provisions

1. In the framework of reinforcement of the research work and the academic identity of the Department, post-doctoral research is allowed to postdoctoral researchers. Post-doctoral research should include original research contribution to the cognitive sectors treated by the Department of Audio and Visual Arts. Possible areas of postdoctoral research include the new forms of audiovisual expression using modern digital audiovisual technology, the theoretical / historical research in the field of new media arts and the development of innovative / original sound and image production and processing technologies, with particular emphasis on their application in the fields of art, communication and education.
2. Post-doctoral research does not lead to acquiring an academic degree, but concerns the production of a research project by doctoral students who seek membership in an academic department and wish to cooperate with the Department of Audio and Visual Arts.

Article 2: Supervision and duration of postdoctoral research

1. The post-doctoral research is conducted under the supervision of a professor of the Department who has a legitimate right to supervise a doctoral thesis about a subject and / or research work belonging to the same or a related scientific specialty as the postdoctoral research.
2. Replacement of the supervising professor of postdoctoral research is possible via a specific justified application and a corresponding decision by the General Assembly of the Department.

Article 3: Qualifications required for postdoctoral candidates

The right to apply for a post-doctoral research is exclusively awarded to a doctorate holder of
domestic Higher Education Institution or an equivalent title from a foreign Institution (certified by the Hellenic NARIC, since it concerns a candidate of Greek citizenship).
Δικαίωμα υποβολής αίτησης για την εκπόνηση μεταδιδακτορικής έρευνας έχουν αποκλειστικά κάτοχοι διδακτορικού διπλώματος ΑΕΙ της ημεδαπής ή αντίστοιχου τίτλου από Ίδρυμα της αλλοδαπής (το οποίο είναι αναγνωρισμένο από τον ΔΟΑΤΑΠ, εφόσον πρόκειται για ερευνητή ελληνικής υπηκοότητας).

Article 4: Applications’ submission for postdoctoral research

1. Expressing interest for post-doctoral research may be originated by the candidate him/herself, in consultation with the supervising professor, or after publication of a call for expressions of interest by a professor of the Department.
2. Candidate Postdoctoral researchers should submit to the Secretariat of the Department the following supporting documents:
o A signed application stating the title of the survey, the name of the supervising professor and the researcher / postdoctoral scholarship funding agency (if applicable).
o Copy of the doctoral degree.
o Description of the proposed survey and indicative timetable.
o Curriculum vitae.
o Any element (e.g. previous experience, reprints of publications, etc.) which, in the opinion of the candidate, substantiates the prospect of successful completion of the proposed survey.
3. All the above documents shall be submitted in electronic form, with the exception of the application, which shall be submitted compulsory and in printed form.

Article 5: Approval of Postdoctoral research development

1. The final approval for the post-doctoral research is given by the Dean of the Department of Music and Audiovisual Arts, after a decision / agreement of the Assembly of the Department.
2. The Secretariat of the Department shall establish and maintain a register of postdoctoral researchers employed in the Department. It also issues relevant certificates to postdoctoral researchers as they request for it.
3.Postdoctoral researchers may, by a decision of the Assembly, enter one of the institutionalized laboratories of the Department

Article 6: Postdoctoral research completion

1. Upon completion of the research, the post-doctoral researcher shall submit, at the secretariat, a written report summarizing its results. The reference may be accompanied by material produced during the research, such as, reprints of publications, etc.
2. The postdoctoral researcher receives a postdoctoral research certificate signed by the President of the Department. This certificate makes reference to the University, the Department, the individual details of the researcher, the subject matter of the research and the time period it was conducted. The above certificate is not a university degree.
3. Post-doctoral researchers may be automatically removed from the relevant registers upon request to the Department's secretariat.

Article 7: Postdoctoral researchers' obligations and rights

1. Academic Identity and Studies Booklet are not provided to Postdoctoral Researchers. However, they are granted access to: (a) the Ionian University Library, in accordance with the Foundation's relevant regulations; (b) the Foundation's electronic mail service; and (c) all services provided to members of the academic community.
2. Post-doctoral researchers also have the opportunity to acquire teaching experience, following the current applications of law, both in undergraduate and graduate curricula of the Department.
3. Post-doctoral researchers, to the extent they derive from their research activity, shall be required to ensure in a lawful manner the confidentiality required or resulting from the particular circumstances of research, cooperation or funding, and take all necessary measures to protect the health and safety of their own and their associates as well as to observe the instructions for the use of any equipment.
4. Postdoctoral researchers have the right to use the name of the Department as their academic home and to act in a post-doctoral researcher status. They are obliged to refer to the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University (or the lab, if they have joined) as their academic affiliation.
5. The position of the post-doctoral researcher is unpaid, free of tuition and independent of any researcher's funding bodies.

Article 8: Copyright

Unless otherwise defined by the post-doctoral research funding framework, any Intellectual Property Rights, which are collectively or alternatively understood as industrial or intellectual property rights based on a particular research result, as well as the respective rights of use and commercial exploitation of the research results produced during the research belong together and equally to the postdoctoral researcher, visiting professor and the Department of Audio and Visual Arts.

Article 9: Rules of Procedure Amendment

The Assembly of the Department may amend the present Regulation when deemed necessary or when required by higher-ranking provisions (e.g. by a change in legislation or by a Regulation of the Foundation).