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AVARTS Live Game Hub
Posted: 22-05-2022 18:05 | Views: 5160
Start: 26-05-2022 |End: 27-05-2022
The AVARTS Live Game Hub is an action that aims to bring together new game designers and creators and promote their ideas to the public. It is organized by teachers of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts with a coordinating core of Vasileios Komianos, Varvara Garnelis, and Emmanouel Rovithis, and participated by students who are actively involved in creating games. It focuses on the design and (...)
Participation of Francesco Kiàis in Venice International Performance Art Week
Posted: 30-12-2019 19:08 | Views: 1331
Start: 15-01-2020 |End: 18-01-2020
The artist Francesco Kiàis, collaborator of InArts Lab, has been invited at the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK (Venice, 15-18/1/2020). The Department of Audio and Visual Arts and the Interactive Arts Lab (InArts) will collaborate as cultural partners.
Participation of the PhD Candidate of the Dept. of Audio and Visual Arts Luc Messinezis at the "minus20degree Festival of Art & Architecture" in Flachau, Austria
Posted: 17-12-2019 12:21 | Views: 1418
Start: 23-01-2020 |End: 25-01-2020
The PhD Candidate of the Dept. of Audio and Visual Arts, Luc Messinezis, participates at the minus20degree Festival of Art & Architecture in Flachau, Austria with his work Amalgama (23 - 25 January 2020).
Sofi Moutafi INRIRI Interactive Audiovisual Theatrical Performance
Posted: 06-06-2019 18:09 | Views: 418
Important Date: 12-06-2019
Myths are living stories that grow with time, change, adapt, but continue being a source for thought, inspiration and creativity. The interactive audiovisual theatrical performance INRIRI questions the adaptation of an archetypal myth at a time of many dimensions and levels with elements from physical theater and embedded interactive technology in the performing space.
Department of Audio and Visual Arts: 13th Student Photography Exhibition [Opening 4/5/2018, Corfu, Greece]
Posted: 02-05-2018 13:10 | Views: 5815
Start: 04-05-2018 |End: 19-05-2018
The Laboratory of Photography of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts invites you at the opening of the 13th Student Photography Exhibition, Friday the 4th of May, 2018, at 20.00, in the Prison of the Old Fortress.
12th Student Photo Exhibition [12-26/05/2017]
Posted: 10-05-2017 12:16 | Views: 4391
Start: 12-05-2017 |End: 26-05-2017
Photo Lab of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts invites you to the opening of the 12th Student Photo Exhibition on Friday the 12th of May, 8 p.m. at prisons of Old Fortress.
Augmentation of reality to museums by graduate George Dimakidis
Posted: 12-10-2016 16:48 | Views: 2180
"Kathimerini" presented the implementation of George's Dimakidis thesis at Casa Parlante Museum in Corfu.
Distinction for Katerina Karanika
Posted: 04-07-2016 15:06 | Views: 1981
Katerina Karanika, graduate student of the Department of Audio and Vidual Arts, collaborated with the Music School of Larissa and received the first award for the ten-minute video was created under her diligence, with regard to the shooting, the photography, the sound recording and the editing.
Department of Audio & Visual Arts: Art Athina - 12 New Artists [26-29/5/2016]
Posted: 23-05-2016 13:41 | Updated: 29-05-2016 15:23 | Views: 6772
Start: 26-05-2016 |End: 29-05-2016
Department of Audio & Visual Arts participates in this year's Art Athina by presenting works of 12 graduates and students of the Department.
Department of Audio & Visual Arts: 11th Photograph Exhibition of the Photography Workshop
Posted: 09-05-2016 12:42 | Views: 4599
Start: 11-05-2016 |End: 25-05-2016
The 11th Photography Exhibition of the Photography Workshop of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts, Ionian University, will take place from 11 to May 25, 2016. Opening: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 20:00, Old Fortress Prison.
Bill Psaras participates in "Nice!" Exhibition (Athens, 16/3/2016)
Posted: 08-03-2016 17:23 | Views: 1924
Start: 16-03-2016 |End: 04-04-2016
Bill Psaras, alumnus and adjunct professor of the Department of Audiovisual Arts, participates in "Nice!" Exhibition. Duration: 16 March-4 April 2016, curated and edited by Yiannis Grigoriadis and Yiannis Isidorou. Production: Lo and Behol.
Distinction for Katerina Avraam from ASIFA Hellas Animation Contest
Posted: 02-02-2016 15:41 | Views: 2407
Discrimination for Katerina Avraam at ASIFA Hellas Animation Contest for her work entitled The Ordeal
Special Effects Award to Ionas Katrakazos by Hellenic Film Academy (HFA)
Posted: 01-04-2015 17:04 | Views: 2378
Important Date: 01-04-2015
Special Effects Award to Ionas Katrakazos by Hellenic Film Academy (HFA) for his movie “Norway”.
Alumni Identity Award for Nikolas Grigoriou
Posted: 20-06-2014 13:55 | Updated: 20-06-2014 14:18 | Views: 1767
Discrimination for Nikolas Grigoriou who designed the corporate identity of the Department's Alumni Association.
Screenings of the works of Dimitris Argiriou
Posted: 22-05-2014 15:09 | Views: 1470
The works of the graduate student Dimitris Argiriou entitled "Dinner" and "One Line" were screened on Opening Nights in Athens, Short Film Festival in Drama and over 20 world festivals and won awards in Europe and America.
Department of Audiovisual Arts: 9th Collaborative Student Photo Exhibition [9-30/5/2014]
Posted: 07-05-2014 13:49 | Views: 3690
Start: 09-05-2014 |End: 30-05-2014
Attached files
    Exhibition Poster
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The students of the Photo Lab of the Department of Audiovisual Arts exhibit their work. Duration of the exhibition: 9-30/5/2014
Visual Dialogues 2013: Participation of Bill Psarras
Posted: 20-11-2013 10:20 | Updated: 03-02-2014 17:10 | Views: 2206
The Visual Dialogues 2013, which the Onassis Cultural Centre is staging for the third time, mark the 150th anniversary of the birth and 80th anniversary of the death of the great poet, C.P. Cavafy (1863-1933). Participating artist is the graduate of the AVarts Dept. Bill Psarras.
Department of Audio & Visual Arts: Photo Exhibition "Ithaca 2013"
Posted: 14-01-2014 18:37 | Views: 4069
Start: 14-01-2014 |End: 19-01-2014
Attached files
    Full text announcement
Size: 1.66 MB :: Type: PDF document
Photo Exhibition "Ithaca 2013" until 19th January 2014. Curator of the exhibition: Anastasia Mastrakouli, student from the Department of Audio and Visual Arts.
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