Laboratory Equipment


Internal Regulations for the Video and Audio Laboratory Equipment
[Version 1, .pdf 233 Kb - Last update: 06-02-2016]

Article 1

Faculty members of the Special Laboratory and Teaching Staff and students of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts may borrow the audio and video laboratory equipment. 

The equipment is used only for academic activities described in the Study Program of the Department.

The equipment is lent from September 1st till July 15th (last return date).

The equipment is lent for one to ten days, so as to be available for the greatest number of users possible.

The equipment must be returned on the agreed date, set by the Equipment Manager. In the case that the person concerned needs the equipment for a longer period of time, he/she may arrange a reasonable extension of the due date with the Equipment Manager.

In the event that the student misses the extended deadline, he/she will not receive any credit (ECTS points) in the course for which the equipment was lent.

In the case of loss or theft of equipment, this must be reported to the competent police authority and a copy of the report must be submit the Registrar of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts.

Article 2

Video Laboratory Equipment
The following equipment is available in the Video lab:
1. Three Sony DCR-HC44E (mini Dv) cameras and 15 Sony HDR-CX155EB, (Internal
2. Nine Giottos tripods.
3. One Steadycam.
4. A blue screen for filming (blue box).
5. A Panasonic NV-GS 400 camera and a Manfrotto 525MVB tripod that may be used outside the lab only by students in the fourth or final year.
6. Three Sony HDR FX1E cameras.
7. Two Manfrotto 525MVB (1) , 515MVB (2) tripods.
8. Three Varibeam, Mz, light projectors with tripods.
9. One ABC Speedy Light Crane.
10. One Travelling ABC Will Go.
11. One VDB M-CL boom pole.
12. Lavalier microphones Sennheisser EW-112PG2.
13. Two EIKI EIP-2500 videoprojectors.
14. Videotapes (used only for the Department’s activities)
15. Two Video Recorder Sony HVR -M10E and Sony HVRZ1E.
16. Three Sony LMD 9020 4”, Sony LMD 1410 14”, Sony LMD 2010 20” monitors.
17. One Video Mixer MX-4DV.
18. One light mixer Stage 12pDMX.

Video Laboratory Manager: Tania Tsiridou

Article 3

Special Equipment Lending Process

The Special Equipment lending process is the following:

A. The equipment with identification number 1 to 2 is lent by the person in charge for lending after the return date is set and the borrower signs in the Lending Register.
B. The equipment with identification number 3 to 13 is defined as Special Equipment and it is available following this process:
The person interested in borrowing the equipment sends a simple petition via email to the Equipment Manager describing the educational-research process, during which he/she needs the equipment, as well as the anticipated period of use.
In the case that the interested person is a student of the Department, he/she forwards (using cc) the petition to the professor teaching the class or supervising the scientific paper, who gives approval (reply to all: I agree).

During the events of the Department (Festival, exhibitions, etc.) the responsible for the equipment is the Professor in charge.

C. The equipment with identification number 14 to 18 is not lent outside the Department.
D. The equipment with identification number 6 is not lent, due to the fact that it supports the academic needs of the course and is used by the students only during the course.

Article 4

Audio Laboratory Equipment
The following equipment is available in the Audio lab:
1. Three portable TASCAM Recorder DR100 sound recorders.
2. Six dynamic AKG D880 microphones.
3. Four microphone stands.
4. One M-Audio Firewire 1814
5. One MOTU Traveller sound card.
6. Three M-AUDIO Profire 610 sound cards.
7. One RODE NT1-A condenser microphone.
8. One Sound Devices sound recorder.
9. Three cables, 20m each (XLR/M-XLR/F).
10. Five cables, 5m each (XLR/M-XLR/F).
11. Two cables, 10m each (XLR/M-XLR/F).
12. One cable, 12m (XLR/M-TRS (1/4 Inch).
13. Two cables, 3m each (XLR/M-TRS (1/4 Inch).
14. One cable, 6m (XLR/M-TRS (1/4 Inch).
15. One cable, 8m (XLR/M-TRS (1/4 Inch).
16. One TASCAM DM3200 digital sound mixer.
17. One SENNHEISER HD pair of headphones.
18. Six EMES monitor loudspeakers.
19. Two M-AUDIO monitor loudspeakers.
20. Two DYNAUDIO ACOUSTICS monitor loudspeakers.
21. Two MIDI, M-AUDIO controllers.
22. Four small LEEM WAM-490 mixers.
23. Four DI - Boxes, Omnitronic LH-05.

The equipment with identification number 1 to 3 may be lent for use outside the Department’s premises.
The equipment with identification number 4 to 23 is defined as Special Equipment (see Article 3- B, C and D).

Audio Laboratory Manager: Iannis Zannos
Equipment Manager: Stratos Koudouras