Didactic Books

Request of textbooks free of charge is possible at the beginning of every term during dates announced electronically by the Office of the Secretary of the department. Students can request and receive books for courses they are enrolled in the current academic year. 

Available textbooks: https://service.eudoxus.gr/public/departments/#14 (in Greek)

Textbook request app: http://eudoxus.gr/StudentEntryCheck (in Greek)

Students can login with the same username and password used in other services of the Ionian University such as gram-web, email και e-class. 

Informative video: http://youtu.be/BkqmS9ZCvSE (in Greek)

Textbook exchange: http://eudoxus.gr/EudoxusPlus.html (in Greek)

Username/Password help: contact Directorate of Informatics & Networks, email: noc@ionio.gr, phone: 26610876022661087602.

For other reasons: Office of the Secretary of the department or email: helpdesk@eudoxus.gr or phone: 801-11-13600.