Assessment of Courses/Instructor

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Completing confidential questionnaires is vital. Important information,that is used exclusively by the IET (Internal Evaluation Committee), the Program Committee, and the Department's tutors, is being collected, in order to ensure the quality of the teaching process as well as better course design and development. Comments at the end of the questionnaire are extremely important. The results of the process will be used in the evaluation process of the Department, by the department's IET committee and in the process of development of TRS (Teaching Research Staff), as provided by the respective Law.

Course/ Instructor Evaluation Process

The Secretariat, with the help of the IET, coordinates the process. The Secretariat ensures that there is a folder per course, with the course code imprinted on the envelope containing a number of questionnaire forms equal to the number of students who have chosen the course/ There is also a list of these students showing their Name and Surname as well as the their RN (Registration Number).

The instructor gets the envelope that corresponds to the particular lesson from the Secretariat (or where else it has been designated) and distributes to the students the forms contained in the envelope at the beginning of the course.

The questionnaires are filled in anonymously by the students.

After completing those (15-30 minutes), questionnaires are collected by a student (s) selected for this purpose by the present students in the room (informal ballot based on the RN can be conducted): e.g., we ask from one student to open a page in a book and choose the student who has the closest number to that the page).
The forms are being counted and placed in the envelope, the envelope is closed with adhesive tape and the instructor signs on the secretariat's existing stamp, filling in the number of completed questionnaires as well as the date and time.
The enrolled student (s) will receive the envelope and submit it to the Secretariat by signing a course / teaching evaluation questionnaire file in the submission form held at the Secretariat.

The Secretariat delivers the files to the IET Committee for statistical analysis. The IET Committee publishes the statistical data resulting from the analysis and delivers them to the Secretariat.

The Secretariat sends the INSTRUCTORS ONLY the statistical data that concerns them.