Disciplinary Issues and Plagiarism

Disciplinary Council

In accordance with the provisions of Greek Law 4009/2011 article 5 paragraph 25, of Law 2083/90 article 5, paragraph 6, the provisions of article 43 YA/13035/30-5-2002 apply and these are:

Violation of the University’s laws or rules, disruption of the orderly operation of the University and any conduct contrary to due respect for the authorities of the University and the conduct affecting the dignity of the institution and the members of the University community, such as copying during exams or plagiarism of any kind of written work, are disciplinary offense. The disciplinary action is distinct from any criminal liability arising from the commission of a criminal offense under the University and where the transaction relates to the functions.

Disciplinary penalties are:

a) Reproach/Rebuke

b) A student’s removal from class after the request of a member of the teaching staff for offense at the time of teaching

c) Written reproach/rebuke

d) Written warning/notice of temporary or permanent expulsion

e) Suspension from three (3) days to six (6) months

f) Suspension for one (1) academic year

g) Permanent expulsion

The disciplinary penalty of reproach/rebuke and removal from class is entitled to be imposed by members of the teaching staff. Disciplinary penalties of written reproach/rebuke and written warning/notice are imposed by the Rector, while all others are imposed by the Senate, which serves and acts as the Disciplinary Board.