The Department of Audio & Visual Arts is housed, together with the Department of Informatics, in the restored historic buildings of the old town. (check

1.    Offices (Palace of Sts. Michael and George):
Head of Department’s office and academic staff offices.

2.    B1 (Areteos Building, former Corfu Asylum):
Classrooms 1, 2 & 3, networks office, PC laboratory and teaching staff office.

3.    B2 (Chalepas Building, former Corfu Asylum):
Office of the Secretary of the Department, Classroom 4, drawing laboratory, video set, recording studio, montage laboratory, photography laboratory, Mac computers laboratory.

Maps and routes

From the Dept. AVarts (A) to the Rectorate, Ionian Academy building (B)

From the Dept. AVarts (A) to the Dept. Music Studies, Old Fortress (B)

From the Dept. AVarts (A) to the Academic Staff Offices, Palace of Sts. Michael and George (B)

From the Dept. AVarts (A) to the Dept. History – Central Library – Central Administration Offices