Graduates from the Department of Audio & Visual Arts can seek employment:

  1. in the field of free artistic expression through sound, image and their combinations;
  2. as teachers in institutions of general and occupational education;
  3. in the wider field of audiovisual communication, cultural heritage management, and entertainment.

Information for the employments' graduation are available in the Liaison Office webpage.

These are some of the specialties graduates and postgraduates of the Department of Audio & Visual Arts can pursuit a professional career in:

  • free artistic expression (new media art, digital, analogue or a combination of both: video art, digital art, Web art, comics, animation, photography, etc.);
  • electronic and digital audiovisual technology;
  • virtual reality and simulation technologies;
  • development of multimedia and web applications (Web design, interactive CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Web applications, multimedia network data banks, experimental multimedia, video games);
  • graphic arts, multimedia publications, electronic press, advertising, professional photography;
  • production and applications in the wider cultural field through the use of digital and electronic technology (in museums, collections, etc.);
  • educational technology with the use of adaptive multimedia systems.

Acknowledging the need to align the study program along the contemporary carrier opportunities, the Department offers to students the ability to work as trainees (Internship Programme) as part of the Indicative Curriculum (8th semester - optional course PRO851 Practical Work).