Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

Against Meaning: Intuition as research
Event Hours: 28/09/2023 (12:30)
Location: Concert Hall [H]
Audra Wist

“Ex-voto Dedicated to Mary Lou Williams (Grandes Décorations in un Mondo Cane)” is a seven minute and eight second video filmed in Detroit, Michigan in the fall of 2020. This work is an example of an artistic practice that considers the artist as a conduit, and the role of intuition in art production. As Thomas Hirschorn says: "Energy: Yes! Quality, No!"

Audra Wist
Audra Wist, born in 1990, is an American artist and writer with an MFA in New Genres from UCLA and a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Her work has been featured in numerous venues worldwide, including 'Untitled' in Brooklyn, 'LODESTAR' in Venice, and 'The Ansonia Survey Part II' in Los Angeles. As a writer Audra has contributed with columns and interviews to various publications, including Autre and Flaunt Magazine. She has been awarded among others, the Skowhegan Fellowship Grant and the Iris Project Residency.


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