Interdisciplinary Conference


in Art & Science

27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

Research Structure "Hub of Art Laboratories - HAL
Event Hours: 27/09/2023 (17:30)
Location: Concert Hall [H]

The research structure named "Hub of Art Laboratories - HAL" focuses on the promotion of scientific research in the field of audiovisual arts / new media art, specializing in the design, development and distribution of high quality and aesthetics of digital multimedia, intermedia and interactive content. The object of HAL is the establishment of an integrated research infrastructure whose activity concerns the strengthening of the cultural creation from the Ionian Islands. Given the special characteristics of the local economy, primarily oriented toward tourism, HAL is extended to creative sectors beyond traditional music, which is the emblematic cultural expression in the region. In particular, HAL is initially focused on two new directions, i.e. not widespread in existing fab labs, compatible with the special characteristics of the social system and the economy of the Region of the Ionian Islands: a) immersive environments and gamified content and b) telematic performance art. For its operational needs and to optimize its organization, HAL is composed of creative nodes, defined as internal ecosystems of the infrastructure, which can operate independently providing services in their field of activity, or in collaboration with others. This infrastructure will allow the creation and integration of new nodes, able to extend HAL to creative content and art research directions in the post-genomic era. The panelists are HAL node members and will discuss the pros and cons of setting their art research within the local region of the Ionian Islands in Greece in alignment with international academic content and methodology standards.


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