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27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

Home is Where the Maqlouba is
Jude Abu Zaineh
Keywords: bioart, sciart, multidisciplinary, indigenous, culture, community science

2018 - ongoing
Mixed media

Unveiling the paradox, this work employs non-edible ingredients as conduits for delving into the intricate tapestry of socio-political traditions. Created using leftovers from a traditional Palestinian meal, maqlouba, growing, decaying, and changing in petri dishes over time. Home is Where the Maqlouba is, offers a commentary on the multifaceted nature of food economies, revealing their profound connections to realms far beyond mere sustenance. In this exploration, we are beckoned to question the subtle interplay of culture, power, preservation, archival processes, and history that intertwine within the culinary narratives of our world.

Courtesy of Cultivamos Cultura (Portugal)

Jude Abu Zaineh

Palestinian-Canadian artist Jude Abu Zaineh uses a multidisciplinary approach to discuss nostalgia, home, and place- making. Maqlouba (a traditional Palestinian dish) is at the heart of her work in an attempt to understand transnationalism and cultural identity. Abu Zaineh's research into immigrant food practices allows her to further explore what it means for Palestinians to exist in a migratory space of ""in-betweenness""; attempting to conform and adapt to the cultures and traditions of their new homesteads while maintaining a connection to their Palestinian heritage and identity. Her socially engaged work examines the use of traditional Palestinian foods as an alternate platform by which people can enter an informal conversation around personal and collective stories, memories and shared experiences surrounding cultural, historical, political discourse, and community.

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