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27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

LUNA PARK: What is democracy?
Event Hours: 27/09/2023 (17:45)
Location: Conference Room [C]
Eleni Kolliopoulou
Keywords: Participatory artwork, Politics of time and space, Process based

‘Luna Park: what is democracy?’ is part of Kolliopoulou’s ongoing research on performative installations named Performative systems which features: Waste-is-land (2018, Belfast), Sky-field 1 & 2 (2018, 2019, Belfast) and The cell (Athens, 2021). With this expanding body of work which emerged from her artistic research (practice-based PhD in the arts, Ulster University) she is inquiring upon the bond of the body and its environment.

Performative systems are small-scale participatory art events that resonate with Lygia Clark’s series of works ‘Arquiteturas Biologicas’ in what concerns the form and the conceptual/ existential quest. ‘Luna Park: what is democracy?’ borrows the concept and structure of luna-parks to craft and initiate a social choreography captured in its process. Luna-parks are colorful systems that incorporate movement and change. They rotate because of their mechanics making use of gravity. They require coordination, sense of rhythm, trust and a level of abandonment from whoever steps in. Is it possible to preserve our sense of freedom while being connected to others? ‘Luna Park: what is democracy?’ would like to challenge the notion of democracy and create an imaginary site which will be activated and shaped by the participants’ presence now. Luna-parks are playful and generate intense emotions re-connecting us to the radiance of our childhood’s experience. In an analogous way, this participatory project would like to create the circumstances for participants to generate their own luna-park while collaborating, improvising, finding ‘their place’ in the turning wheel, staying together within the changing dynamics of ‘Luna park: a social choreography’.

Eleni Kolliopoulou

Eleni Kolliopoulou (PhD) holds a BA degree from Methodology, History and Theory of Sciences by National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NUAK, 1999-2004 ) and a BA in Fine arts (laboratory of Radu Dragomirescu) from Accademia Albertina delle Belle arti a Torino, Italy (2008-2011) where she also accomplished her MA specializing in Painting and New Media (laboratory of  Marco Cingolani, 2011–2013). Her PhD thesis “The body of the relationship. A practice-based exploration of the relationship between the body and its environment informed by the notion of Butoh-body” (2016-2020) was under the supervision of Ralf Sander, Giuliano Campo και Tanya Dean at the Departments of Arts and Design & Drama του Ulster University in Northern Ireland and  funded by Vice-Chancellor Scholarship (2016-2019). Her research interests are Performance art, Butoh dance, Site-specific installations/ Sound art, Video art, Participatory art, Philosophy of the body, Japanese Phenomenology and Theories of time/ space. She is currently pursuing her postdoctoral research hosted by Audio Visual arts Department at Ionian University under the topic: “Enacting multi-sensory embodiment: exploring the deepening of subjective embodiment of time in mixed media performative art praxis via the lens of Butoh notation’’ under the supervision of Dalila Honorato and funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I, 2022-2024).  


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