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27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

How do one synthetically produce love?
Event Hours: 27/09/2023 (10:30)
Location: Conference Room [C]
Hege Tapio
Keywords: Biochemistry, techno-witchcraft, emotion modification, metabolic cyborg, speculative implant

This quest finds its roots thousands of years back - way into antiquity, where the concoction of love potions often was made by frivolous women like courtesans, prostitutes, witches and also midwifes. Even with the technological advances of today, we seem to chase after the same remedies as we always have, the elixir of life, fountain of youth, and the magical potion of love. If we in addition to the quest of extracting and managing emotions, also include thinking about how we construct and cohabit with technology (be it AI, virtual avatars or robots) - Or with technology intimately integrated into our bodies. How might technology adapted to biochemical information and circuits affect the sensory system, vagus nerve, biochemistry, genetic dispositions, epigenetic traumas, all that we carry with us and that is making up this huge refined sensory organ, guiding our relations to the world and reminds us of wounds and trauma. Biochemicals constant transformations in the metabolic pathways, affecting our bodies, our minds in how we interpret and engage. Biochemicals that the medical industry has been able to replicate by the aid of technology. Will we still remember how to be human?
Join in on this speculative thinking leading up to the manifestation of yet another project crafted by the Techno-witch.

Hege Tapio

Hege Tapio is an artist and a curator based in Stavanger, Norway. Art driven by curiosity, knowledge, ability to convey and contextualize aspects of technology and research, both through speculation and critical attitude, have been the basis for many of the projects. Her interest in emerging media interconnecting art, new technology and science, led to the foundation of i/o/lab – Center for Future Art since 2001, where she established and curated Article biennial – a festival for the electronic and unstable art. Her Humanfuel project was first presented in HYBRID MATTER - a Nordic art&science network program, and the sequel project Humanoil had premiere at Kepplers Garden, Ars Electronica Festival.Tapio is currently pursuing her artistic research as Phd fellow at FeLT - Futures of Living Technologies at OsloMet. Tapio is also involved as curator in the research project Caring futures: developing new care ethics for technology-mediated care practices (QUALITECH) at the University of Stavanger. She is part of the team of NOBA – Norwegian Bioart Arena, developing and programming the Norwegian hub for Bioart located at Vitenparken by Campus Ås, Norway, and Associate artist in the Metabolic Arts Gathering series of Copenhagen Medical Museion.


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