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27-29 September 2023, Malta Society of Arts, Valletta

Extemporization Transmission: Aleppo Pine
Event Hours: 27/09/2023 (16:15)
Location: Concert Hall [H]
Dann Disciglio, Lucinda Dayhew
Keywords: Non-human, Improvisation, Trees, Transmission/broadcast, Technology

An interspecies, improvisational sound performance by two human performers and a local aleppo tree. The improvisation will take place offsite, where the tree collaborator lives and will be transmitted into the conference space, in real time using equipment provided by the artists. To amplify the voice of the tree, the human artists will implement an industrial grade vibration sensor designed to test the structural integrity of city bridges, which they will attach to the body of the tree, allowing them access to a rich domain of sound that is normally inaccessible, and allowing the tree to be made audible to its human collaborators and to the audience. The sounds detected by the instrument include complex creaking, the movement of water passing through capillaries, and the footsteps of tiny insects living beneath the bark, as well as human sounds, such as the human performer’s gentle touches, taps, breathing, and strokes.

This performance is a continuation of this duo’s practice of collaborating sonically and improvisationally with trees (this would be the third in an ongoing series). By amplifying the voice of the tree, and interacting collaboratively with it, they believe that these performances can reveal to people just how much trees have to say when we actually listen to them.

Dann Disciglio
Dann Disciglio (b.1993) is a US-based intermedia artist whose research-practice investigates contemporary ecologies through both analog and digital experimentation. Disciglio works with and for non-human subjects (such as trees, plants, grass, molds, and bacteria) to stage eclectic sonic performances and compositions, multimedia installations and sculptures, and texts in which future-naturalisms are encountered.
Lucinda Dayhew

Lucinda Dayhew investigates social and environmental relations with a rhythmic bent. She sculpts words and moulds materials, images, and sounds to form rhythmic objects. Her narratives become pulses that shift shape as they grapple with the conflicting ethics of daily life. Dayhew reflects on language and translation, climate change induced micro and macro anxieties, birdsong and other non human and human vocalisations, (sub)tropical encroachments, patterns and flows of food and goods distribution, labour fragmentation, social capital and exchange, and behavioural patterns and loops. Recent exhibitions and performances include at FRAC Lorraine, Titanik (Turku, Finland), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt), D21 (Leipzig), Liste, SALTS (Basel), Brücke Museum, NBK, Art Berlin Contemporary (Berlin) and Kunsthall Stavanger (Norway), amongst others. Born in Orange (Australia), she grew up in subtropical Sydney and now lives in Berlin.


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